2015 LAND ROVER Defender 110 'Heritage Edition' 7 Seat Station Wagon

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2015 LAND ROVER Defender 110 'Heritage Edition' 7 Seat Station Wagon


Boy, didn’t the Willy’s Jeep rock during WWII? Well, post-war Blighty couldn’t be doing without having its own utility workhorse. Stepping up to the plate was Rover, with its take on the same theme.

And my, didn’t it do well. The SI featured an unbreakable steel box-section chassis, riding on leaf springs, clothed in alloy body panels, with a 1.6-litre engine and a four-speed transfer box transmission.

Right from the off it became the British Isles’ old faithful: backbone of the British army, aid agencies and the landed gentry’s agricultural tour de force. It didn’t take long for the secret to get out, and soon its rugged go-anywhere persona had conquered the world.

It evolved steadily and continuously over the years, with the last vehicle (in Defender form) rolling off the production line in January 2016. That’s 68 years for the venerable old beast.

The vehicles produced in this century bore little resemblance – save for the underlying design principles – to the original, with austere fittings having long given way to a world of every mod con conceivable.

Last-of-the-line Heritage models went one step further, harking back to the earliest model (HUE 166) with a multitude of retro-funky touches. Only 400 examples of this limited-edition, run-out model were produced (in both 90 and 110 body styles) and all came in Grassmere Green.

Say hello to a lovely Heritage 7-Seat Station Wagon

The Vehicle

First registered on the 13th of November 2015, this Heritage edition Land Rover is one of the last Defenders constructed and of the batch made to celebrate the first ever Series One (HUE 166).

Owner Graham Land bought it new seven years ago from Land Rover Taunton. It has been maintained by that company’s service team each year, and always resided in a garage at his home.

“It’s been the most reliable Land Rover that I’ve owned,” says Graham. “It has never let me down and has not required any major work. We have owned Land Rovers for over 35 years all of which have mainly been used for recreation, such as camping and exploring; but also, general use when ‘stuff’ needs to be moved. The Heritage is in its element when towing my 2.5-ton trailer!”

“As we’ve never taken it off-roading and our camping days are now at an end, we don’t feel that it is being used to its full potential; but I suppose the main reason we’re selling is that we only need two vehicles, and the Heritage drew the short straw. It is a tough one, but thankfully, we still have a Mini Clubman and a rather lovely Morgan sports car to enjoy.”

Their joint decision means that this low-mileage and very collectable Heritage is now up for grabs.

On the Outside

“The general condition of the body is excellent,” says Graham. We’ll go further than that, it is a spectacularly clean example and the level of care and attention – as well as its garaging from new – have paid dividends.

The two-tone paintwork Grassmere Green for the bodywork and wheels, and white for the roof, lend it a very fetching exterior aesthetic. It has several optional extra bits and bobs fitted, including a very useful aftermarket Bushranger side awning with quick release kit (at a cost of £553.04). Check out our Photographic Gallery below, to see this fully erected. It would be equally useful in a Goodwood campsite, on a Sunday morning scramble or the Serengeti.

Side protection tubes (£613.48) are fitted, as is an adjustable towbar (£249.15) and combo Ball (£254.68) with 13-pin electrics (£297.20), which function in both the UK and EU. A bicycle kit (£219.34) that mounts on the two hitch and accommodates two bicycles is also included.

All four mudflaps are present, and the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tyres all look to be in very good condition.

Exterior ‘Hue 166’ set things off to an evocative tee.

It’s quite a thing.

Update (22/09/2022): Following a comment regarding the positioning of the 'HUE166' exterior sticker, the seller has informed us that the near side front wing was fully replaced in early 2016, after having been dented whilst the car was being Waxoyl'd. The damage was minimal but due to the nature of the dent's location it would have been impossible to fix without a full new wing (an image of the dent is now in the document gallery). All the remedial work, clearly completed to a fantastic standard (apart from the HUE 166 sticker, which was placed not as per OEM guidelines), was carried out by Land Rover Yeovil...

On the Inside

Again, Graham says that the interior presents in first-class condition. The cabin is a far cry from HUE 166, with delectable Almond Cloth finished, and Land Rover branded, seats (each of which remains in excellent condition) replete with their ‘HUE 166’ tags.

As a Station Wagon it is capable of seating seven occupants, or you can fold up the rear seats to gain some epic luggage stowage room. Carpets remain in fine nick and protective rubber mats are also fitted. This continues to the rear of the Heritage, where Graham had a supply load-space mat fitted (at a cost of £161.10). This protective addition has meant that the rear of the Defender remains just as smart as the rest of the cabin and gives the future owner the opportunity to utilise its considerable load-lugging abilities whilst avoiding potential interior damage.

A CD Radio and speakers (£308) were fitted when new and offer a touch of modern entertainment for inhabitants.

The centre column is finished in a matching Grassmere Green colour with a few areas of body-coloured metal visible in the cabin, all of which ties it nicely to the exterior and makes for a very pleasing interior ambience.



Fitted with all the standard modern Defender running gear, it also has the climate pack and anti-stall technology making it capable of traversing most terrains on the plant. “Despite that, the ride is surprisingly comfortable, and the vehicle is easy to handle. Mechanically, the engine and transmission are sound with no problems.”

From nearly new the chassis, underside and sub-frames were professionally treated with preservatives. A quick look underneath demonstrates the result of this because it remains in tip-top condition – save for a light sprinkling of road dust, it’s very clean. Protective undertrays remain in place, and suspension components and the exhaust system all look to be good.

History Highlights

As you would expect of a modern classic such as this, the history file isn’t bulging with decades of receipts, photographs, and other owner-related paraphernalia. It is instead concise and to the point.

The included V5c document confirms one owner from new, while the latest MOT test certificate (there are previous ones included, too) indicates a 22.02.2023 expiry date.

There are several invoices from Land Rover Taunton for servicing and consumables, as well as the original vehicle purchasing invoice and several others (both main dealer and aftermarket) for the various optional extras fitted.

Please visit the documents section of the gallery of this listing where you will find photos of the paperwork to support our claim that this car has been by maintained by its original supplying dealer to the very highest of standards.

What We Think

The cessation of the original Defender’s production life signalled the end of an era – in came the love it or loathe it ‘new’ Defender. However, for those of classic Land Rover bent, the run-out Heritage editions provided (and still do!) the best of both worlds: old-school looks allied to a pleasing dash of modernity.

This is a low-mileage and always supremely cared for example of a very collectible, special edition Land Rover Defender. It also has some sought after optional extra goodies fitted. As such, we think it will sell for

somewhere between £40,000 and £60,000. Bag it at any price within that range and you will secure an example that will always be desired.

Your next decision will be exactly what to use it for. The possibilities are endless: ultimate urban warrior, ends-of-the-earth off-roader… I could go on but will leave the rest to your imagination.

Happy bidding.

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Graham Land

  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 12260
  • Chassis Number: SALLDHMP7GA484455
  • Engine: 2198
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Right-hand drive
  • Color: Grassmere Green
  • Interior: Almond Cloth
  • Estimated Price: £40,000 - £60,000

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