1970 JAGUAR E Type Series II Roadster

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1970 JAGUAR E Type Series II Roadster


Whether Enzo Ferrari actually called the Jaguar E Type ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ or not, there’s no denying its almost unmatched visual allure. The sinuous William Lyons/Malcolm Sayer design provided what was a glorious start to the swinging sixties.

Toss in a 150mph top speed, scorching straight-line performance and a reasonable price tag that just crept over the $5k mark, and Jaguar had a veritable world-beater on its hands. In both soft and hard top forms, it was the quintessential British sports car.

The Series 1 E Types were glorious things, but early cars’ flat floors saw access and egress made difficult for those of longer limbs and the Moss gearbox had a fairly recalcitrant nature.

Cue the 4.2, with bored out engine and an all-synchromesh Jaguar ‘box for an altogether more satisfactory experience. Production of this flavor S1 didn’t last long before the S2 superseded it, so they’re relatively rare.

Whether you go down the Roadster, Fixed-Head Coupe or 2+2 route history, heritage, glamour, performance, kudos, and elegance await – I could go on and extinguish my list of adjectives, and still not get close to doing the E Type justice… especially, this particular example.

The Vehicle

Introduced in 1968, the Series II E-Types underwent several tweaks. The US National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration forced the most noticeable change, the removal of glass headlight covers. Other features include a wrap-around rear bumper, larger front indicators, repositioned taillights, and an enlarged grille. The dashboard underwent a number of changes, and several switches were ultimately relocated. New seats allowed for the fitment of head restraints, again required by US Law.

On the Outside

This Jag’s exterior presents nicely, but upon closer examination, there are some noticeable flaws. There are a number of rock chips under the front bumper. Moving to the passenger-side front quarter panel, there is a massive scratch behind the front wheel and two more chips around the edge of the hood. There is a small scratch in the driver’s door, and two more small chips in the gap between the hood and the body. The chrome around the car is straight and polished, and the wire wheels are clean and show no curb rash.

On the Inside

The interior to this E-Type is clean, but not without flaws. The gauges are clean and easily readable, and the wood grain steering wheel could use a healthy coat of varnish. The passenger seat is in excellent condition. Conversely, the driver’s seat does show signs of creasing, and some of those creases have made legitimate marks in the leather. The shifter and handbrake are in good shape, and it would appear that an aftermarket Pioneer stereo has been fitted for modern convenience. The center armrest is lightly weathered, and both door panels look to be in good condition. The carpets don’t have any damage, but they also don’t fit very neatly into position.


We are pleased to report that this E-Type has a clean undercarriage. The body itself has no areas of concern and there is no major damage to speak of. The exhaust has little to no discoloration and all of the suspension components are tidy. The engine bay is in excellent condition, and not even a single wire looks out of place.

History Highlights

The car has had two owners since it was built. The first owned the car for 25 years after purchasing it new and kept remarkably good care of the vehicle. The car is 52 years old and has only 71,067 miles on the clock. An impressive feat indeed. Under care of the seller, the car has only been serviced by a professional mechanic who exclusively specializes in British cars. The car runs and drives beautifully as well.

What We Think

The E-Type is easily in the Top 10 for Most Beautiful Car of All Time, on anyone’s list. The Series II has a number of safety improvements over the Series I, and this exact car boasts the wonderful 4.2L Jaguar engine. Furthermore, the exterior and interior of this example are in good condition, and it would only take some special care to a few areas around the car to get it to great condition. Out of the box, this is a driver’s car, but it would only take a little bit of extra effort to turn this E-Type back into a showstopper. Do not miss this opportunity. The Market by Bonhams is excited to offer this Jaguar E-Type with an estimate of $60,000-$75,000.

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  • Location: Memphis, TN, United States
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 71066
  • Chassis Number: 1R11751
  • Engine: 4.2L I6
  • Gearbox: manual
  • Steering position: LHD
  • Color: Red
  • Interior: Black / Leather
  • Estimated Price: $60,000 - $75,000

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