2005 MASERATI GranSport Coupe

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2005 MASERATI GranSport Coupe


Penned by the legendary Giugiaro, the Maserati 4200 GT - often referred to simply as the Maserati Coupé or GranSport Coupé - is a timelessly-styled Italian GT car, featuring a hearty and sonorous naturally aspirated 4.2-litre V8 engine similar to that of the Ferrari 430, albeit without the flat-plane crankshaft featured in its Maranello-made cousin.

Available as both a coupé and Spyder, the 4200 GT is blessed with an impressive level of performance with 385bhp on tap and the ability to smash the 0-62 sprint in 4.9 seconds.

The 4200 GT also benefitted from one major aesthetic upgrade over the preceding 3200 GT in the form of the conventional tail lights, compared to the divisive ‘boomerang’ lights featured on the latter.

The transmission was also upgraded to the F1-style Cambiocorsa semi-automatic paddle shift gearbox, which can be set into full auto mode for long-distance touring or used as a manual paddle shift transmission when enjoying the chassis to its fullest extent.

Introduced in 2004, the GranSport Coupé was designed and marketed as a more sport-focused version of the 4200 GT, with improved aerodynamics, re-tuned suspension and drivetrain for greater performance, and a more driver-focused interior.

Whilst the engine was the same as that in the 4200 GT, the additional tuning saw the power increase to 395bhp thanks to modified inlet manifolds, exhausts and valve seats, whilst the Cambiocorsa transmission was re-calibrated for faster shift times.

Il veicolo

Purchased by the vendor from long-term storage following the passing of the previous registered keeper, this GranSport Coupé was revitalised and recommissioned by the vendor at a cost of over £3,300. Originally intended as a business purchase, the vendor ended up keeping and enjoying the car for a total of eight months, making the most of its gorgeous styling, sonorous V8 engine and excellent road-going abilities.

Whilst in the care of the previous owner, the car was used sparingly prior to being stored, and this is a pattern that has been continued whilst in the care of our vendor, with the car being kept for use on weekend jaunts and pleasure cruises, for which it is perfectly suited in our view.

To the best of the vendor’s knowledge, the car remains in its factory condition, with the wheels being a factory-fit optional extra, though it is uncertain as to whether the black-tipped exhaust was a dealership addition or fitted whilst in the care of one of the previous owners.

Now, having been re-commissioned by the current owner, used and enjoyed, this desirable GranSport Coupé is ready to embark on its next adventure, which is where you come in…


Resplendent in Nero Carbonio, the aggressive, yet distinctly Italian lines of this Maserati Coupé remain in fantastic condition, still commanding an impressive presence to this day, and managing to look ‘fast’ even when standing still.

Save for the odd stone chip, light blemish from use and enjoyment (such as around the door handles) and the odd tiny mark here-and-there, the bodywork and paint on this Italian coupé remains of the highest order, with no signs of any impacts, accident damage, heavy wear to the paintwork or unsightly scuffs that we can see.

Elsewhere, the head and tail light lenses are free from any cracks or damage, whilst the various chrome details, badges and trims are all present-and-correct.

Evidently, this GranSport Coupé has lived a pampered and cherished life judging from its overall condition, and even all four wheels are free from unsightly kerb rash.


As per the outside, the well-specified and driver-focused cabin of this V8-powered Italian style icon is in fantastic condition throughout, having led a life of luxury, considered use and cherished ownership.

Take the seats, for example, they show only the lightest signs of wear and use, with some creasing and wear visible on the driver seat bolsters in particular, whilst the rear seats look to have been barely (if ever) sat in.

The various buttons, switches and toggles have some minor fading and dulling of the graphics, but we’re being very picky indeed here. Behind the steering wheel, the ‘flappy paddles’ for the semi-auto transmission remain in great shape, whilst even the high-traffic areas such as the door cards, steering wheel and shifter look excellent in our view.

It should be noted that the control panel for the boot release and other miscellaneous controls requires re-fixing inside the glovebox, as seen in image 258.

Up above, the headliner is free from sagging, and - importantly - the carbon-fibre centre console is free from any damage, deep scratches or heavy wear.

In the rear, the boot is in equally excellent condition and devoid of any staining, and all systems are reported to be in full working order, with no known electrical or system malfunctions known to the vendor.

Meccanica e telaio

The beating heart of the GranSport Coupé, the tuned Ferrari-derived F136 R V8 engine looks to be in fantastic condition as far as we can see, with no signs of any oil leaks, fluid misting or obvious issues that we can see. Everything looks to be in its right-and-proper place, and the vendor’s mechanic was quick to state that this example is indeed very good and “mechanically sound”.

Out on the road, our photographer has made no comments to the contrary, and the vendor is not aware of any mechanical issues with the engine, drivetrain or transmission.

In January 2022, our vendor spent over £3,300 getting the car up to their exacting standards, with the invoice for this work enclosed below. Included in this round of work was a major service, repairs to the engine bay wiring loom, three new wheel bearing/ABS sensor hubs, and clean up of both sub-frames and coating with corrosion inhibitor.

Looking underneath the car, the chassis looks to be in fine fettle, with only a few superficial spots of ‘bloom’ making themselves known on exposed fittings and the exhaust system, though the fitment of numerous aerodynamically-required under trays does somewhat obscure our view.

The most recent MoT exam - dated 20 January 2022 - shows a clean first-time pass with no advisory items, and the most recent (major) service took place in January 2022 at 45,942 miles.


Included with the vehicle is a strong paper trail of history and documentation, largely comprised of OE and specialist servicing history, giving further support to the notion that this Maserati has always lived a cherished life.

As ever, we’ve photographed all of the documentation we’ve received, and this is available to peruse at your leisure below. However, for those looking for a quick run-down, please find the ‘highlights’ list below:

  • The V5 registered keepers document, showing just two former keepers
  • A recent invoice for £3,308, detailing the major service and light recommissioning carried out in January 2022
  • Numerous invoices for servicing, maintenance and miscellaneous work from Dick Lovett Swindon
  • Extensive MoT history to track and verify the low mileage
  • HPI check, showing issues only for outdated mileage and plate changes, which are par-for-the-course on supercars such as this.

Cosa ne pensiamo

Arguably the most desirable of the ‘4200’ family, the GranSport Coupé offers a more visceral, driver-centric experience than the standard 4200 GT or Spyder, and with extra power to boot, this really is ‘the one to have’ from the range.

Presenting in outstanding condition throughout and fresh from a recent major service, this is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a ready-to-use, fun and surprisingly practical pedigree Italian GT car.

So, what’s it worth? Well, we estimate a value of £19,000 to £25,000 when the hammer falls, which we’d argue represents excellent value for money - good luck, and may the highest bidder win!

Viewing is always encouraged, and this particular car is located with us at The Market HQ near Abingdon; we are open weekdays 9am-5pm, to arrange an appointment please use the Contact Seller button at the top of the listing. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

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  • Posizione: The Market HQ Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Trade
  • Lettura del conta km: 49000
  • Numero di telaio: ZAMEC38C000021085
  • Motore: 4200
  • Cambio: semi
  • Guida dal lato: RHD
  • Colore: Black
  • Interni: Black Leather / Cloth
  • Estimated Price: £19,000 - £24,000

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