The GTV Cup was built as a special edition of the much-lauded Alfa Romeo GTV to commemorate the single-make Alfa GTV Cup race series. A total of just 419 Alfa Romeo GTV Cup cars were built, with 264 in LHD and a mere 155 RHD models.

This makes the RHD models, all fitted with Alfa’s sublime 3.0 litre 24v V6 engine, as rare as wisdom teeth on an especially endangered breed of hen.

Limited edition plaques, made of silver, differed for the RHD and LHD versions in having red and black texts, respectively. Each run was separately numbered, meaning that there’s both a LHD 001 and a RHD 001.

Differences between the standard GTV and the Cup version are a factory fitted rear spoiler, front spoiler, side skirts, wheel arch side vents and titanium-like 17-inch 'telephone dial' alloys. The Cup-exclusive interior offers half-leather upholstery and a darker shade of grey for the plastic centre console fascias.

Right-hand-drive GTV Cups are a rare proposition as it is, so anyone hoping to find one in fabulous original condition must be some kind of deluded fantasist.

Oh, hang on a minute….

Il veicolo

This car, with its splendid Y14 GTV registration, is a very fine GTV Cup indeed.

There, we’ve said it.

It is number 87 out of 155 RHD cars. That’s a figure that reflects its place in the build programme, not its quality. Judged on how it presents and drives, we’d say it’s more likely to be in the top 10.

Finished in Alfa Romeo Red with black/grey half leather upholstery, this GTV Cup is in first class condition and has the service history to back up its exquisite looks.

It starts, goes and stops precisely as Alfa’s engineers intended and any unwarranted creaks, groans, squeaks, rattles and whistles are reassuringly absent.

It feels tight, taut and properly screwed together. There are no rattles, whines, whistles or clunks when you’re out on the open road.

And it drives like a dream.

Go-kart handling and grip, a fast, slick gearbox, and a gloriously throaty engine that keeps on offering up power and torque right across the rev range. The non-standard Zenden quad-pipe exhaust system on this car gives even more richness and timbre to an already sumptuous V6 soundtrack, but without straying into anti-social territory.

This is a car that really does encourage you to press on a bit.

The vendor has owned the car for about a decade and has always kept it garaged.

In that time the car has travelled less than 10,000 miles, has attended a couple of Classic Le Mans meets and featured for a while as the poster car on the Hagerty classic car insurance website (the vendor’s son is a Director).

There are very few visible faults with this highly original vehicle and we will, of course, describe them for you in a moment.

We’re of the opinion that it would take someone with a magnifying glass, a deerstalker hat and a briar pipe to find anything of note.


The paintwork is in really good condition and the finish has an impressive shine and lustre to it.

Undoubtedly masters of creating pedigree sporting thoroughbreds for proper drivers, Alfa were also known, rightly or wrongly (but mainly rightly), for lagging behind their Teutonic counterparts in terms of build quality and attention to detail.

Well, we can only assume that Giuseppe and Luigi were on particularly good form when they made this one.

The angled, swooping flanks are formed from unblemished panels with good shut-lines and door gaps.

There are no dinks, dents, ripples, creases or folds of any note, save for a few scuffs to the paint on edges of the rear spoiler.

We have spotted a small area of peeling lacquer on the boot lid and a few stone chips around the front valance.

All the trim and badging is as it should be.

The wheels are in good condition overall, although there is some kerb rash in evidence on both n/s wheels.

The matching Michelin Pilot Sport tyres appear to have a decent amount of life ahead of them.


The good news continues on the inside, where you’ll find everything is functional, clean, unworn and in generally very good condition.

The leather/fabric seats are firm, comfortable and supportive, with only the lightest creasing visible anywhere.

The door cards, roof lining, dashboard and centre console are all in fine condition.

The carpets and mats are all good.

The only sign of wear visible anywhere is on the leather knob of the gear lever.

The boot is clean and tidy. Lifting the carpets here or anywhere else on this car reveals…no rust that we can see.

As far as we can tell, every knob, toggle, lever, flap, button and switch does what it’s meant to do.

Meccanica e telaio

The undersides of this vehicle give no cause for alarm or inducement to raise an eyebrow.

Everything appears to be solid and sound and as it should be.

Again, there is no proper rust to speak of anywhere, just the standard superficial bloom of rust dust here and there.

The engine bay is similarly devoid of anything to worry about. The centerpiece is, of course, that glorious V6, with its alluringly sparkly manifold pipes.


It’s evident from looking at and driving this car that it’s been well looked after and maintained by people who appreciate both its rarity and the powerful appeal of its thoroughbred ‘Alfa-ness’.

The car’s comprehensive and complete service history backs up this impression.

Alfa Motorvogue Northampton - 12076 miles - 12.7.03

Alfa Motorvogue Northampton - 16605 miles - 22.7.04

Alfa Motorvogue Northampton - 19091 miles - 1.3.05

Alfa Motorvogue Northampton - 22406 miles - 26.9.05

Alfa Motorvogue Northampton - 26879 miles - 12.4.06

Alfa Tech Luton - 31410 miles - 2.3.07

Alfa Motorvogue Northampton - 40800 miles - 8.6.10

Swan Garage Buckingham - 44756 miles - 25.6.12

Swan Garage Buckingham - 49703 miles - 5.9.16

Swan Garage Buckingham - 49876 miles - 7.9.17

Swan Garage Buckingham - 50410 miles - 1.9.20

The vendor has always kept the car on a trickle charger in a warm, dry garage.

The car comes with a dust cover, lots of keys (including the brown master key), manuals and handbooks, and a decent sheaf of bills, invoices, receipts and old MoT certificates.

It currently has an MoT certificate, with no advisories, valid until 11.9.21.

If you’d like to inspect the car prior to placing a bid then please use the Contact Seller button to arrange an appointment.

Cosa ne pensiamo

If, after reading this and looking at the photographs, you’re still prepared to hold out in the hope of finding a superior low-mileage example of a RHD GTV Cup, then you’d better be prepared to play a very long game.

No, it’s not perfect.

Nothing is.

But, in our humble opinion, this is about as close as you can get without disappearing into the bottomless rabbit-hole of obsessiveness that is concours.

It’s really very, very good indeed.

We have the confidence to offer this exceptional car for auction with an estimate of £13,000 - £18,000.

Viewing is always encouraged, and this particular array of parts is located with us at The Market HQ near Abingdon; to arrange an appointment please use the Contact Seller button at the top of the listing. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Parte NOIOSA ma IMPORTANTE: The Market punta ad offrire sempre degli annunci che siano il più possibile esaurienti e chiari ma non possiamo svolgere delle analisi dettagliate di ogni veicolo in vendita. Diversamente dalle aste tradizionali, diamo agli offerenti la possibilità di visionare o eseguire un controllo approfondito del veicolo in asta prima di fare le offerte e incoraggiamo gli interessati ad approfittarne. Verifichiamo il veicolo in modo accurato ma questo si traduce in osservazioni personali imparziali che non sostituiscono quelle di un ispettore qualificato o di un altro professionista e non costituiscono il risultato di un lungo test drive del mezzo.

Inoltre, ritocchi localizzati della carrozzeria sono comuni nelle auto d’epoca e da collezione. Anche se sono stati effettuati in modo professionale possono essere impossibili da individuare pur vedendo la vettura dal vivo. Quindi, a meno che non si affermi il contrario, si presuppone che ogni veicolo sia stato riparato in un qualche momento della sua vita.

Ti preghiamo di notare che la maggior parte dei video su The Market sono stati registrati con macchine fotografiche con una qualità sonora nella media, per questo il suono del motore o degli scarichi può sembrare diverso dalla realtà. 

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  • Posizione: Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Lettura del conta km: 50495
  • Numero di telaio: ZAR91600007004493
  • Motore: 2959
  • Cambio: Manual
  • Guida dal lato: RHD
  • Colore: Red
  • Interni: Black/Grey, Half Leather Half Cloth

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