The TR4a, built from 1965 until 1967, was a development of the existing Micholetti styled TR4, gaining independent trailing arm and coil spring rear suspension and a stiffer chassis, giving a better ride comfort. It used the same 4 cylinder 2.2 but changes to the head meant it gained around 10% more power at 104 bhp and 179 Nm. We should mention that the early US cars were supplied without the independent rear suspension as Triumph corporation, California required a live axle layout.

The ‘Surrey Top’ semi open top option was also carried over from the TR4 and is now a rare and desirable thing to find.

Le véhicule

This car was built as a left hand drive and sold in the USA, being that much sought after object of desire, the rust free California car. The car was repatriated in 1991 and converted to RHD, given a bare metal strip down restoration between 2004-5 with the restoration completed in 2006. Photos of the work showing how good the metal was with no welding needed on the chassis and reams of receipts for every nut and bolt and hundreds of new items needed to build the car to better than new condition.

The current owner found it while looking for one and had to have it when he saw the condition and history. Having spent his years of ownership in a heated garage and only having had occasional use it remains in astonishing condition. As he also collects motorbikes those have had more use over the last year so he has decided to part with the Triumph.


The exterior condition really is outstanding. The panels are immaculate with no dings or corrosion to be found and for the most part the paint is fantastic - there are almost no stone chips, scratches or marks. There is a slight dimpled area above the bonnet script, although only visible from certain angles and a mark on the front passenger wing top, again not easily noticeable.

The chrome bumpers are spotless, the badges still look brand new and the wire wheels are immaculate, one being an almost new replacement, and all have Vredstein Sprint Classic tyres with very good tread.

The car comes with the rare Surrey Top fitted the black framed rear glass remains on the car and has a lift out hard top as well as a vinyl soft top which can be carried when the hard top is left at home. All the roof parts are in excellent condition.


The condition inside is as good the outside. The carpets and door cards are excellent, the dash top like new and the wood inserts shiny and smooth. It has the original wire spoke steering wheel, however the owner has an  "leather rimmed" Moto-Lita wheel available separately by negotiation.

There is a modern radio fitted with speakers semi-concealed in the sides of the centre console, making long drives more pleasant, and also good for long stints behind the wheel or more spirited drives, the Triumph is currently fitted with more supportive MX5 seats, the originals were restored and are included with the car and can be bolted back in as if nothing had changed.

En dessous

The underbody of the car is astonishingly solid, there is no sign of corrosion on the floor pans or chassis rails, with body colour paint visible where it hasn’t been under sealed or black painted.

The engine and running gear all perform just as they should, the motor firing easily with Pertronix electronic ignition and a DVR3 electronic voltage regulator for the dynamo.

Looking around the engine bay everything looks either new or recent and there is no sign of any obvious leak from water or oil.

As the car covers so few mlles, the owner has taken care of servicing as and when required, and despite not needing one, the car has just passed an MOT with no advisories.


The biggest event to register in the TR’s history was a total nut and bolt restoration, documented in a photo album and sheaf of receipts from the usual Triumph suppliers. By using the correct parts and building back from a bare chassis the right hand drive conversion was completed in a manner which appears factory.

Ce que nous pensons

This is one of the best condition TR4a’s we have seen, the overall condition is incredible and the addition of the Surrey top this only becomes even more desirable.

The MX5 seats are mounted on rails which fix to the factory bolt holes, so the original chairs can be re-fitted in minutes so this is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy driving or showing such an immaculate example.

Our estimate for this car is £25,000 - £30,000.

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Jerry Reynolds

  • Lieu: Barking Tye, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • Type de vendeur: Private
  • Kilométrage affiché: 65963
  • Numéro de châssis: CT54258L
  • Moteur: 2138
  • Boîte de vitesses: Manual with O/D
  • Côté du volant: RHD
  • Couleur: Red
  • Intérieur: Black
  • Prix estimé: £25,000 - £30,000

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