1964 ROLLS ROYCE Silver Cloud III Mulliner Park Ward

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1964 ROLLS ROYCE Silver Cloud III Mulliner Park Ward



Released in April 1955, the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud banished the formal upright lines of its predecessor the Silver Dawn in favour of a more elegant and modern profile.

As the first model to have its body, as well as the chassis, manufactured by Rolls-Royce it featured a pressed steel body on top of a straightforward box-section chassis. A variety of panels including doors, bonnet and boot lid were constructed in aluminium rather than steel to save weight. Of course, if buyers still wished to go down the coach-built route – and many did – then they could.

The S1 came with the familiar 155bhp straight-six engine but a new aluminium overhead valve, 6230cc V8 arrived – as did power-assisted steering, as standard – for the 1959 S2, raising power to an altogether more satisfactory 200bhp.

The Silver Cloud III followed in October 1962, the designers whipping 100 kilograms off the kerb weight, with more power extracted from the V8 by the adoption of a higher compression ratio and fitting of bigger carburettors.

Styling tweaks including the adoption of imposing twin headlights, a lower grille and lower bonnet line, all of which gave it an even more grown-up aesthetic. Forget their badge-engineered Bentley brethren, for in period all Silver Cloud variants proved themselves the only possible choice of transport for men (and women) of means.

Of course, if you wanted something special that was guaranteed to stand out on her Majesty’s highway then best take a little visit to the ladies and gentlemen over at coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward. There, they would work their magic to provide you with an altogether more striking body via its ‘Chinese Eye’ Coupe variant.

Le véhicule

Steve Banks has owned this distinctive Mulliner Park Ward Coupe for the last 10 years. “I’ve used it regularly, mainly on trips through France and for long periods in Spain visiting its northern regions. In fact, it has resided in Spain for the last three years – although in the south, and it remained on British plates,” he says.

The car has been maintained principally during his ownership by his in-house mechanic and valeting team, who have kept it in tip-top driving condition.

“She is a striking and well-maintained example of a standard Chinese Eye (if there is such a thing) and is very easy and light to drive; the full length Webasto sunroof helps to ensure that the experience is an absolute delight. Although we have always enjoyed our continental trips in the car, we cannot see ourselves doing these again in the foreseeable future, and so this Rolls will be sold so that someone else can enjoy her.”

Steve has very kindly listed the most recent preventative maintenance:

2022 – new rear exhaust section fabricated and fitted; 2 new UJs fitted to propshaft; carburettors cleaned, set and balanced; oil and filter change.

2021 – Two new tyres fitted; boot lock mechanism repaired (and improved); new window motor fitted; door cards replaced.

2019 – Radiator re-cored; water pump overhauled; complete interior valet; SwissVax exterior paintwork protection applied.

2016 – Modern stereo system removed and replaced with period correct 1964 headset, which was converted to modern and DAB use; new speakers and electric aerial fitted.

2015 – Complete brake overhaul including replacement rubbers and all working parts to all cylinders, brake shoe linings and cleanse of drums; brake servo overhauled including new linings; Dot 5 Silicon fluid used.


There’s no mistaking a Mulliner Park Ward Silver Cloud, for the distinctive look of the front end, vertical rear light clusters and coupe body all combine to ensure a unique style. And that’s before we get to the fact that this example is resplendent in bright Red paintwork and endowed with a Cream Everflex roof covering; it makes for a car that once seen, will never be forgotten.

The paintwork remains in good order with a consistent finish and nice sheen. As you would expect, there are some age- and use-related flaws such as the small chip towards the front edge of the near-side door and some other chips on just below the off-side corner of the boot lid. Panel fit remains generally tight, with the chrome mouldings on those long flanks still lined up nicely.

The Cream Everflex roof provides quite the contrast to the metalwork and the covering remains taut and generally clean, with a little discolouration here and there – mainly on the folds of the Webasto sunroof.

Brightwork (and there’s a lot of it) remains sharp, with each of the chrome hubcaps sporting a body-colour matching red rim to tie the exterior finish up in a very lovely visual bow.

“The matching bespoke red Rolls-Royce cover ensures that she looks as impressive in the garage as on the road and this essential extra is included in the sale.”


If you thought the outside a visual treat then come inside, because it’s equally as good in here. The Cream leather is piped Red and is in smart condition, with complimenting Red carpets that are also in fine fettle and dashboard and door capping coverings, as well as the steering wheel, all colour matched – it’s pretty spectacular.

Up top, the headlining remains nice and neat, and its colour ensures that the cabin retains a lovely, light and airy feel. Of course, that can be further improved by whipping open the Webasto sunroof for a bit of luxury al fresco motoring.

“I am an average 5ft 10” and the seating position is perfect for my size, with ample room under the steering wheel for positioning. The interior is a delight, comfortable and in excellent order. I don’t usually have too much music when driving, but the car has easy adaptors for modern radio and Spotify from a smart phone, which is ideal when waiting or relaxing during events.”

En dessous

“It’s a very light and easy car to pilot around town and yet it will remain fully planted on faster roads; she turns heads on a continual basis and one friend stated that he thought ‘a cathedral was coming up behind him’ one day that we met on the road. The grille is absolutely awesome to sit behind and yet the car is so well balanced that the front of the car is very easy to judge.”

Steve says that the engine doesn’t get particularly hot. There is a spare thermostat in the boot, but it’s never been needed as there is nothing wrong with the one fitted. “The cooling system was overhauled and the radiator re-cored in 2019 and so it keeps its cool in all weather.”

The comprehensive work carried out on the braking system three years into his ownership has also ensured that this Silver Cloud III’s stopping power is sharp. “The brake cylinders were re-fed with silicon Dot 5 fluid and the overhaul ensures a feel-good factor when it comes to safety in terms of both handling and the braking aspects.”

A battery isolator is fitted in the boot but does require the clock to be reset when used.


The Silver Cloud III comes with a large file of bills spanning the last few decades with invoices from Goudhurst Service Station and Ghost Motor Works, both of Kent, and both of which maintained the car prior to Steve taking ownership, as well as those for the works carried out by him.

Recent MOT test certificates are present and show a small incremental mileage increase each year, up to the car’s currently displayed 47,234 miles. The V5c document is included and confirms a total of six owners from new.

You will also find a History Book that details all of the car’s specifications, as well as providing copies of period documentation from its initial build including road test cards – an extremely interesting thing to have for the next owner.

Please visit the documents section of the gallery of this listing where you will find photos of the paperwork to support our claim that this car has been maintained to an excellent standard.

Ce que nous pensons

If you want to stand out and, may we say, in some style, on the road, then this luxurious Silver Cloud III Mulliner Park Ward Coupe could be just the ticket.

We believe that this striking old girl will make somewhere between £80,000 and £100,000. For that, the next owner will receive a car that has been scrupulously maintained and exercised regularly (cross-continentally!) to ensure that it remains in excellent driving health.

Add to this the fact that it’s just had full service and tune-up, and potential bidders can raise their respective electronic hands safe in the knowledge that it’s ready to be used and enjoyed immediately.

There’s never been an excuse for driving a boring car and this auction is an opportunity to thumb your nose at convention. Once secured, the next owner of this magnificent car can climb behind the wheel, sit back, and begin swatting more mundane machinery out of life’s fast lane at will.

Red is the new black.

Viewing is always encouraged, and this particular car is located with us at The Market HQ near Abingdon; we are open weekdays 9am-5pm, to arrange an appointment please use the Contact Seller button at the top of the listing. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

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  • Lieu: The Market HQ, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Type de vendeur: Privé
  • Kilométrage affiché: 47244
  • Numéro de châssis: SGT581C
  • Moteur: 6230
  • Boîte de vitesses: Auto
  • Côté du volant: Right-hand drive
  • Couleur: Red
  • Intérieur: Cream/Leather
  • Prix estimé: £80,000 - £100,000

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