Frequently Asked Questions

Common buyer questions

How does bidding work?

How much is the Buyer's Premium if I win?

Can anyone bid?

How can I see if there a reserve or what the reserve is?

How can I contact the seller?

Should I view the car?

How do I follow an auction to be notified when a preview listing goes live?

How do I find out more about a particular car?

Can I comment?

Should I bid last minute?

Can I trust the description?

Has Bonhams|Cars Online inspected the vehicles?

As a Buyer, what is a Concierge auction?

What is a 'Trade Seller'?

Can I buy a vehicle 'subject to inspection'?

How do I know the Seller is trustworthy?

Why has an auction extended beyond its published end time?

What do you do with my email address?

What happens after an auction?

Which payment methods do you accept?

What protection do I have if the car is not as I had hoped?

Can you help me with vehicle transport or storage?

Where are your Terms & Conditions?

Can you help me register my car?

Common seller questions

How much does it cost to list my car?

How much is the Seller's fee?

It's low-cost, so is the service low-rent as a result?

Do people really buy classic cars off an internet auction?

Will Bonhams|Cars Online achieve the highest price at auction?

How do you create my listing?

Do you visit my car?

What do I need to provide to Bonhams|Cars Online?

Should I take photos of the service history as well?

So many photos! Really?

Can you help with photography?

What if I am not able to take photos? or do not wish to host viewing? what is your Concierge service?

How do we create our description?

You seem to want to know all the faults. Is this really necessary?

What if I hide faults from you?

Should I expect viewings?

What if (potential) Buyers want to know more?

How long does it take to start an auction?

How do you ensure Bidders are serious, & tyre-kickers removed?

Do I have to reveal that I am a Trade Seller?

How do reserves work?

What do you mean by "no sniping"?

How long do auctions run for?

How do I get paid?

Can a Buyer cancel a purchase?

What happens if the reserve is not met?

Where are your Terms & Conditions?