1992 VOLKSWAGEN Corrado VR6

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1992 VOLKSWAGEN Corrado VR6


The Volkswagen Corrado coupé was offered between 1988 and 1995. Based on the Golf’s ‘A2’ platform, it was originally intended to be an up-market Scirocco but ended up superseding it in 1992.

Built by Karmann, the fancy pants Corrado had flush-fitting windows and a swanky active rear spoiler that operated automatically depending on the speed.

The supercharged G60 with its scroll supercharger and 158bhp was the King of the Hill until 1991, when VW launched (and it really was a bit of a rocketship) the mighty VR6.

With typical thoroughness, VW used the MKIII Golf’s ‘A3’ platform for the new model, and the 2.9-litre VR6 engine is very narrow, making it compact and so easy to slot into the engine bay.

It’s powerful too, with 188bhp and 181lb.ft of torque, it gave the Corrado a top speed of 145mph – after passing 60mph in under seven seconds, if you stirred the gears yourself.

The King was dead. Long live the King.

The Vehicle

Finished in the classic colour scheme of white with a black leather interior, this five-speed manual example is nicely original and demonstrates just how well VW built its cars during this period.

Mind you, the lack of MoT and service history from 2004 and 2019 hints at it having been in long-term storage, which won’t have done its longevity any harm. Back on the road and running well, it’s being offered with no reserve, so will sell from the very first bid.

This means if you ever fancied one when you were a thrusting young buck but couldn’t afford it (or, more likely, couldn’t afford to insure it…) your time has come.

On the Outside

The bodywork is all really very good but, as you’ll see in slide #210, the Corrado did have what looks to have been some damage repaired on the offside in January 2020. As you’ll have noticed, the shutlines and panel alignment match on both sides, and the overall fit ‘n’ finish is good, with no significant dents, ripples, or other damage of note.

It presents very well indeed, helped in no small part by the very good 15-inch Speedline alloy wheels. These are fitted with Accelera tyres on the rear and Toyo Proxes on the front. All have decent tread.

The glazing all good too, as are the lamps.

Other than that there is a tiny spot of rust starting on the hatchback lid (#75) and the nearside door mirror glass is deteriorating (#90).

If we are being picky then the front spoiler could do with blacking, the rear numberplate could do with replacing, and there are a few stonechips that could do with touching up.

On the Inside

Ruched black leather is very of-the-period but then there’s no point in buying a period sportscar and not immersing yourself fully, is there?

That said, that is the only real sign that you’re in a 30-year-old car because the condition is very good for a car that’s creeping up on 140,000 miles; VW really was building terrific cars back then, cars that deserved their reputation for indestructibility.

This means the leather seats are showing remarkably light cracking to their surfaces, and almost no colour loss. They’re still firm and comfortable too, and very supportive when cornering, which is handy given the VR6’s prodigious performance.

The individual rear seats are even better, cocooning their occupants in a leather-swathed womb. There might not be much legroom but it’d be a great place to stash young children or grandchildren.

Corrado-branded mats protect the good carpets underneath, and the door cards, headlining, and dashboard are all equally good.

In keeping with the Corrado’s upmarket status, it’s got a few toys like electric windows and heated seats. A Pioneer Smart Sync headunit has also been fitted and even the parcel shelf, which is almost always cracked and damaged, is good.

Apart from the usual marks, a fastidious owner might like to look at some of the seals around the door edges as they’re a bit perished and damaged. The white paint has been chipped on the sills too, but this is all very firmly in the nice-to-do category rather than anything more pressing.

As is the rumpled material on the underside of the sunroof. It could really do with tidying up but mainly only because everything else is in such a good condition.

While we’re on the subject, there is a glass moon-roof fitted currently. The original, body-coloured sunroof is included and has been photographed.


As you can see, it starts well and revs and ticks over as it should.

The engine bay is clean without being overly fussy and the underside is nicely protected with some light surface rust noted on some of the components.

History Highlights

The nostalgia continues with some old tax discs and paper MoT certificates; quaint, ain’t they?

It’s got the book pack too, plus a very well-stamped service history book showing the following:

· 01.08.1992 – PDI by JCT Wakefield

· 06.11.1992 and (unknown) miles – service by VAG Autohaus

· 24.02.1993 and 20,093 miles – service by VAG Autohaus

· 04.06.1993 and 30,000 miles – service by VAG Auto Schreiber

· 06.07.1993 and 34,054 miles – VAG Autohaus

· 01.09.1993 and 38,924 miles – service by JCT Wakefield

· 07.12.1993 and 80,000 miles – service by VAG Auto Schreiber

· 11.03.1994 and 57,799 miles – service by VAG Auto Schreiber

· 06.07.1994 and 74,482 miles – service by JCT Wakefield

· 11.11.1994 and 87,962 miles – service by VAG Auto Schreiber

· 07.02.1995 and 96,621 miles – service by GTI Service Centre, Nottingham

· 16.08.1995 and 97,830 miles – service by GTI Service Centre, Nottingham

· 20.03.1996 and 98,399 miles – service by GTI Service Centre, Nottingham

· 09.04.1997 and 99,946 miles – service by GTI Service Centre, Nottingham

· 10.06.1998 and 107,302 miles – service by Moserve

· 16.10.2000 and 114,673 miles – service by Moserve

· 03.11.2001 and 121,483 miles – service by Moserve

· 30.06.2004 and 128,481 miles – service by Monks Autos

· 06.07.2019 and 129,399 miles – service by Stealth Racing UK Ltd including a new fuel pump, regulator and filter hose and line. A new battery was fitted, too.

Stealth Racing UK Ltd fitted a replacement timing chain in February 2020, taking the opportunity to replace the tappets at the same time.

A secondhand instrument cluster was temporarily fitted to expedite repairs as the old one was going to take a while to be refurbished: typically meticulous, Stealth Racing were careful to record both mileages to keep the records straight.

As you can see, the one it fitted showed a mileage of 166,028 at the time, slightly more than the old one did with 132,517. The old one was later repaired and put back on the car with the updated mileage (#213).

This explains the mileage discrepancy on the MoT records between 2019 and now while simultaneously demonstrating Stealth Racing UK’s integrity and fastidiousness.

The same firm also fitted new engine and radiator mounts in January 2020, plus a coolant hose kit, pump and hose a year later.

There are also a few older invoices and receipts in the history file.

The Corrado doesn’t have a current MoT certificate.

What We Think

With familiar underpinnings, German engineering, and one of the best engines in the business, this fabulous VW Corrado VR6 has it all; great looks, modern-day performance, and enough reliability for you to be able to use it as your daily driver.

And all for only £8,000 to £12,000. And, even better, it’s being sold with no reserve, so it’s going to sell from the very first bid, no matter how derisory that might be!

Viewing is always encouraged, and this particular car is located with us at The Market HQ near Abingdon; we are open weekdays 9am-5pm, to arrange an appointment please use the Contact Seller button at the top of the listing. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

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  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Trade
  • Odometer Reading: 137000
  • Chassis Number: WVWZZZ50ZNK015313
  • Engine: 2861 cc
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Right-hand drive
  • Colour: White
  • Interior: Black Leather
  • Estimated Price: £8,000 - £12,000

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