1973 TRIUMPH TR6 Left Hand Drive

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1973 TRIUMPH TR6 Left Hand Drive



In 1968 Triumph recruited coachbuilder Karmann to carry out the ultimate top-and-tail refresh of its existing TR5, and hey-presto, the TR6. As designing sleights of hand went, it proved blooming effective. Its straight-edged persona brought modernity to the TR party, even if under the skin it adhered to original 1952 TR2’s separate underslung chassis and separate body set-up.

For died-in-the-wool TR aficionados worldwide that proved no bad thing, for it retained the same brawny, beefcake formula that they so loved: the characterful 2.5-litre straight-six engine (courtesy of the Triumph 2000 saloon), rack-and-pinion steering, semi-independent trailing arm rear suspension and front disc brakes. Oh, and in came a front anti-roll bar for good measure.

European cars got a walloping 150bhp from their fuel-injected unit, although that dropped to 124bhp from ’72, whilst over in States Triumph offered a twin-carburettor set-up for 104bhp.

Did the model sell? You betcha. Despite the relative age of its underlying design, Triumph shifted an impressive 94,619 units between 1969 and 1976 making it the best-selling TR variant to date.

The ‘modern’ TR7 that followed it did away with the traditional TR formula in favour of monocoque construction, but controversial styling and a, by contrast, somewhat characterless four-cylinder engine ensured it was never loved in quite the same way.

With classic Sixties/Seventies low-slung roadster looks, a characterful period cabin, and a driving experience that’s always a muscular pleasure, you can’t go far wrong with a TR6.

And this example is a fabulous beauty that remains in excellent post-restoration health – one that’s guaranteed to endow its next owner with all that’s great about a Triumph TR.

The Vehicle

We sold this spectacular TR6 to the vendor in 2021. Back then it had just been subject to a £40k-plus rotisserie restoration, carried out by a renowned private restorer. Since then, our chap has continued improving, tweaking, and fettling the TR6 (to the tune of £9k) to ensure that it’s one thoroughly cracking example of the breed.

“I’ve driven it relatively sparingly on sunny days,” says Simon Martin. “It’s immaculate and runs beautifully; on the driving front, it’s very tight, sounds glorious, and is an easy thing to drive. I’m only selling due to space, as I have another project in mind”.

His decision to part ways with the TR6 means that this vision in battleship grey is now ready for a new home. Given that, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the level of work carried out during its restoration:


* full rotisserie overhaul

* replacement dry State (US) chassis

* inner wings and wheel arches replaced

* new floors, new boot floor and boxes

* wings, doors, bonnet and boot lid repairs


* fast road engine with new cylinder head, new valves, new pistons, re-bored sleeves and re-ground crankshaft

* new oil pump and timing chain

* new alternator/starter

* new SU carbs/conversion

* overhauled gearbox, new cross shaft bushings, new clutch fork and tapered pin


* refurbished brakes - reconditioned front calipers, new rear wheel cylinders and adjusters, new pads and shoes, new brake pipes

* new hand brake cables.


* new front shocks and springs

*new rear springs and reconditioned shocks

* all bushings replaced

* back axle - checked and front pinion seal replaced


* new track rod ends


* new wiring harness/loom installed

* new head lights and side repeater lights

* new relays and horns.


* new interior, including - refurbished Euro-spec seats (non headrest)

* new tinted windscreen and door glass.

* new double duck soft top

Comprehensive at the time and remember Simon has continued improving the beast. The next owner can take comfort in the level of work carried out, and simply enjoy a formidable straight-six classic weapon.

On the Outside

The TR6’s grey colour is a refreshing change from the usual Red, Yellow or Purple; it lends the car a distinctive character. We absolutely love it. You’ll certainly stand out on the road or at classic car meets, or even Club events.

The body restoration itself was carried out to a superb standard and as such, it still retains the excellent panel gaps and shut lines (better than new? We certainly think so) that it did back in 2021. In terms of the paint finish, it’s first class, with a beautiful lustre and depth. It also remains almost entirely free of imperfections.

Bright work is tip-top, the wheels remain superlative, and those matching Michelin 186/65 R5 e-primacy Total Performance tyres were fitted in May 2022 and remain pretty much brand new.

As you would expect the double duck hood, fitted new at restoration, remains pristine. If this classic were a piece of chicken it’d be described as finger-lickin’ clean.

It’s that good.

On the Inside

Presented in Black, the cabin is an ode to masculinity and suits the TR6’s brawny driving demeanour to a T. If a classic must have wood’n’chrome, then this one’s for you.

It remains pretty much spot-on perfect. The seats are Euro-spec items (without headrests) and were restored; they remain free of rips, tares, or grazes, and offer plenty of support for both pilot and passenger. The carpets, mats and door cards are also admirable.

The leather rimmed steering wheel is suitably meaty and the non-standard dashboard is a walnut-veneered masterwork; one that won’t fail to elicit pleasure each time you plonk your derriere in front of it.

All electrics function as they should.

Popping the boot reveals it to be finished in matching carpet; lift that, remove the spare wheel and you’ll find an equally immaculate wheel well – no corrosion, no dirt, in fact you’d struggle to identify a speck of dust.


When a classic car is restored there’s still a period of fettling and settling in to be completed, but vendor Simon has gone above and beyond that by embarking on program of work to get the car exactly where he wants it. That has included replacing numerous parts including the radiator, rear wheel bearings, fuel lines, tyres, door locks, bumper bolts, new roof locking handles and latches, amongst others.

The carburettors have also had a thorough going over, as have a variety of electrical items to ensure that the car runs beautifully, and everything works just as it should.

Our Video Review below not only shows the TR6’s lovely condition but also the engine firing, ticking over, and under throttle.

It’s also worth going through the Photographic Gallery to see both how well presented the engine bay and the first-class condition of the car’s underside.

History Highlights

There wasn’t much by way of history Stateside when we first encountered the car and, unsurprisingly, that remains the case. What you do get though, is invoices, bills, receipts, documents, and photographs covering all aspects of the car’s earlier restoration.

In addition to that are the invoices from Simon’s stewardship with £2,224.82 spent at ST Engineering, and £6,432.94 at RT Mechanics, both of Surrey for some further replacement parts, and fine fettling of the running gear and other systems.

Please visit the documents section of the gallery of this listing where you will find photos of this and other paperwork to support our claim that this car has restored to the very highest of standards.

What We Think

When we sold this TR6 in 2021 it already presented in excellent post restoration health. Since then, vendor Simon has undergone a program of works to ensure that the car met his own exacting standards. As already discussed, this has further sharpened an already impressive example of the breed.

Given this, we think that this macho battleship grey beastie will sell for somewhere in the region of £24,000 to £30,000. When you factor in the amounts spent on the car’s rebirth (over £40k + circa £9k), then anywhere within that estimate range should provide excellent value for its next owner.

There’s one thing now that this TR6 requires and that’s for that person to get it out on to the open road and get driving. As with any restored vehicle it should get better with every mile racked up, as it settles into itself and provides that consummate hairy-chested TR experience.

What’s the time? Straight-six o’clock.

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  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 43103
  • Chassis Number: CF/12595-U
  • Engine: 2500
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Left-hand drive
  • Colour: Grey
  • Interior: Black
  • Estimated Price: £24,000 - £30,000

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