2000 ROLLS-ROYCE Corniche Convertible

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2000 ROLLS-ROYCE Corniche Convertible


The original Corniche convertible had been a major success for Rolls-Royce, so the revival of the model in 1999 after a gap of five years caused considerable excitement.

By this time, Rolls-Royce was owned by BMW, but the Corniche V had been developed while the British firm belonged to Volkswagen, which would keep both the Bentley brand and the Crewe factory.

It is historically significant as the new Rolls-Royce developed under the auspices of VW, and the last built at Crewe. Thus, the Corniche used the 'old' Rolls-Royce / Bentley 6.75-litre pushrod V8 in its turbo-charged form with an astounding 544 ft-lb of torque.

A stiffer body shell, new hydraulic engine mounts, lighter steering, softer suspension and special Avon tires all contributed to characteristics more at home on the boulevard, which is exactly what its target market expected. At the time of its release, it was the most expensive Rolls-Royce on offer, with a base price of $359,900.

When the last Corniche was rolled off the production line in August 2002, it marked the end of Rolls-Royce manufacture at the Crewe factory, which would henceforth only produce Bentleys.

When production ceased in 2003 a total of only 374 Corniches had been built.

The Vehicle

This car is offered from outside of the European Union. It has been imported under temporary admission customs bond and is therefore subject to Dutch import tax (9%) on top of the winning bid price. Cars less than 30 years old will pay 10% Dutch import tax plus 21% VAT on the hammer. If exporting immediately to another country, then tax/duty will only be paid in that country.

The winning bidder will pay €500 customs charge on top of the ‘hammer’ price.

The winning bidder will receive a receipt for the final hammer value, as their proof of purchase.

This vehicle has been on static display in the Middle East for a number of years and the only history or paperwork available is displayed in the photo gallery. In all cases the papers shown are photocopies unless otherwise stated. We do not have the original paperwork.

Unless otherwise stated, we have not tried to start or drive the car, and cannot vouch for its mechanical viability or functionality. The car is not registered anywhere.

It will require recommissioning prior to road use and is sold ‘as seen’.

As CARS Europe BV is the guarantor of all customs duties and taxes for vehicles within Dutch customs bond, the car cannot be released until full payment received.

All storage charges (€30 + local VAT per day commencing from the sixth day following the auction end) must be paid in full prior to the vehicle’s collection or onward transportation. Collection and viewings are strictly by appointment only.

Please send an email to the storage centre to ensure vehicle(s) are ready at time of collection. Photographic ID will be required at time of collection. If a third party is collecting for you, then written authorisation is required in advance from you and photographic ID of the third party is required at the time of collection.

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The odometer reads 45,612 and is calibrated in mph.

In common with many vehicles from the vendor’s collection, this LHD auto 2000 car comes with no history or service records.

With the proviso that we haven’t tried to drive this car and can therefore only comment on its cosmetic condition, we think this magnificent Corniche Convertible is an excellent example of a very fine, hand-built luxury vehicle from a manufacturer whose name is synonymous with quality, exclusivity and prestige.

It is in very good overall condition and appears to be entirely authentic and original.

We know that it entered the vendor’s collection of static display cars in 2012.

On the Outside

The gold/copper metallic paintwork is in very impressive overall condition and has plenty of shine and lustre to it.

The bodywork is free of any significant dents, bumps or creases that we can see.

The panel gaps and shut lines are consistent, even and a tribute to the skills of the people who built this car.

The chrome work is very good, as are the lights, badging and most of the trim.

The hood, which is in broadly fine condition, doesn’t currently close flush with the bodywork at the rear.

There are one or two light, swirly scratches on the grille, some scuffs on the front bumper and some paint scrapes around the rear wheel arch on the passenger side.

The wheels appear to be in good order.

On the Inside

The interior is every bit as sumptuous and luxurious as you’d hope to find in a Rolls-Royce.

The cream leather upholstery is in excellent condition and only the very lightly creased driver’s seat is showing any signs of use.

The upholstery in the rear looks barely used and virtually as good as new.

The magnificent wood veneers on the dashboard, centre console, door cappings and inserts are rich and glossy.

The door cards are good, as are the carpets, mats and headlining.

We can’t make any claims about the full functionality of switches, knobs, levers, toggles, buttons, dials or other electrics as we haven’t tried to drive the vehicle.


Everything looks solid and pretty much untroubled by either time or use, as far as we can tell.

The undersides appear to have a good deal of structural integrity.

History Highlights

This car doesn’t come with any history or service records.

It must be registered in the country of your choice and you will need to contact the appropriate vehicle licensing agency for instructions on how to do this.

None of the paperwork that might be shown in the gallery constitutes any kind of licensing or registration certification.

What We Think

This magnificent car seems to be in very good condition and appears to have been well looked after and preserved.

Provided that the engine and mechanicals are as good as the rest of it, this Corniche Convertible should reward its next owner with years of very classy motoring pleasure.

We’re confident to offer this car for auction with an estimate of €50,000 - €80,000.

Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.


Bidders MUST ensure they are aware of the registration situation of a car in auction, and whether it will be possible to export/register a vehicle in their country BEFORE they bid.

All vehicles MUST BE COLLECTED WITHIN 7-DAYS of the auction end. Storage fees of £180 + VAT apply (per week) thereafter without exception.

If needed, Footman James classic car insurance and Classic Concierge offer storage can offer you options, plus we have a list of contacts who can help with transport and shipping both domestic and international.  

BORING, but IMPORTANT: Please note that whilst we at The Market always aim to offer the most descriptive and transparent auction listings available, we cannot claim they are perfect analyses of any of the vehicles for sale. We offer far greater opportunity for bidders to view, or arrange inspections for each vehicle thoroughly prior to bidding than traditional auctions, and we always encourage bidders to take advantage of this. We do take a good look at those vehicles which are delivered to our premises for sale, but this only results in our unbiased personal observations, not those of a qualified inspector or other professional, or the result of a long test drive.

Also, localised paint repairs are common with collectable and classic cars and if they have been professionally carried out then they may be impossible to detect, even if we see the car in person. So, unless we state otherwise, please assume that any vehicle could have had remedial bodywork at some point in its life.

Additionally, please note that most of the videos on our site have been recorded using basic cameras which often result in 'average' sound quality; in particular, engines and exhausts notes can sound a little different to how they are in reality.

Please note that this is sold as seen (Caveat Emptor) and that, as is normal for used goods bought at auction, a return policy does not apply. See our FAQs for more info, and feel free to inspect any vehicle as much as you wish.

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  • Location: Nieuw Vennep, Netherlands
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 45612 miles
  • Chassis Number: SCAZK29E2YCX68009
  • Gearbox: Auto
  • Steering position: Left-hand drive
  • Colour: Gold
  • Interior: Beige Leather
  • Estimated Price: €50,000 - €80,000

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