2000 PORSCHE 911 Turbo

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2000 PORSCHE 911 Turbo


Who would imagine that a change of engine cooling system could upset so many car enthusiasts? When news first broke of the 911’s break from its air-cooled tradition there was much wailing and plenty of gnashing of teeth from some die-hard Porsche enthusiasts. ‘Is this the end of the 911?’ asked one motoring magazine. The answer is an emphatic ‘No.’

The 996 is actually a bit of a key moment in 911 history, with the company moving into a new millennium and having to adapt to the times. Introduced in 1997, the 996 ran to 2004 (the high-performance versions till 2006), it was the first all new chassis platform since the original 911 with a new water-cooled engine. In technical terms it was a major change from the original car, however it kept that Iconic styling the Stuttgart fans know and love to this day.

The new platform allowed for a sleeker body with a more aerodynamic profile, redesigned interior and perhaps the most noticeable feature of the front end, the ‘fried egg’ headlights instead of the previous ‘bugeye’ headlights.

Aside from the radical new change from the original 911 to the new platform the 996 was based on, the car was also responsible for saving Porsche from financial issues. Back in the 1990s Porsche was in trouble, their signature flat six was reaching its limits of potential and the emission landscape was changing threatening to phase out old designs.

Porsche teamed with Toyota to improve manufacturing processes as well as introducing the 996 alongside the entry level Boxster, bringing down manufacturing costs and opening up the target audience for its products. The 996 then was a 911 for a new millennium with new technology, a newly revived factory and a new engine. In short, it ensured Porsche continued to dominate the sports car market.

The Vehicle

So, why exactly did Porsche change the course of the 911’s history and swap air for water in its engine designs? Well, the signature air-cooled flat six had reached the zenith of its development trajectory in the 993. It’s very hard to get exhaust emissions as low legislation insists they must be with an air-cooled engine, which relies on some extent to a rich mixture heloing with cooling duties.

The owner says:

‘My previous car to this was a 996 C2 manual which was fantastic, however I made the mistake of being a passenger in a 996 Turbo. My old C2 was never the same again. The drama of the twin turbos kicking in, the acceleration – it was a sensory overload, something the C2 didn't quite deliver.’

On the Outside

Stunning is a pretty accurate description of this 911’s appearance. It’s clearly been owned by enthusiasts who’ve looked after it. The paintwork, apart from one tiny stone chip on the bonnet is immaculate, and could easily pass for three years old, let alone 20.

Equally, the original Porsche alloys are in great shape, and the car has been fitted with four brand new N rated tyres within the last 500 miles. Even the paint on the customary red Porsche brake calipers looks clean and shiny.

The owner says:

‘Regarding the condition of the car, for the age and mileage it is fantastic. The only downsides are a small stone chip on the leading edge of the bonnet and a small amount of corrosion around the tyre valves on two of the wheels.’

‘I had never owned an automatic Porsche before but I think the gearbox suits it perfectly, you get to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times and just point it where you want to go, press the accelerator... and grin, a lot.

‘I think considering the engine size, the twin turbos and the power output, it’s also quite economical. I averaged approximately 23mpg in general and 30+ on longer motorway drives. (When I dropped the car off in Abingdon it had a full tank of fuel – the way prices are going, it might be worth more than the car by the time the auction ends!).

On the Inside

Is that the merest hint of a sign that the driver’s seat has actually been sat in? Possibly, but you have to study the bolsters very hard. The interior of this 996 is amazing – like the outer bodywork, this could easily pass as a much younger car. We love the original spec corded telephone – a fabulous period accessory. Use it to call Blockbuster Video and book a copy of Gladiator.

‘The options list was impressive for this car – Tiptronic gearbox, sunroof, PCM navigation, CD autochanger, cruise control, HiFi audio system (before Bose was available), wing back electric sports heated seats (hardback), heated mirrors, and front and rear mats.’

‘The cabin is really a great place to be. Every switch and function works as expected (including the spoiler, sunroof, electric windows and central locking. The car even has a factory fitted corded telephone – very retro.’ There’s a slight crinkling of the leather near the front left dashboard speaker, but other than that it’s excellent.

‘There is an aftermarket Nokia Bluetooth system fitted (instructions in folder) and a basic dashcam without GPS (will need a micro SD card to record footage).

‘I have upgraded the dashboard and rear speakers with aftermarket items (Alpine SPG-10c2 speakers in the front, Focal100CA1 in the rear) using brackets I 3D printed myself.’


There is surface corrosion on some suspension parts but absolutely nothing to be worried about – this is a very well maintained car and it shows.

The owner tells us that the exhaust tips are non-standard, but that the originals are in the car and could be repaired and refitted if required.

The engine bay is not particularly DiY friendly. Handy then, that these engines have a rock solid reliability reputation, so regular maintenance is all that will likely be required.

History Highlights

This 996 Turbo comes with a fully stamped service book – all the work being done by either Porsche themselves or recognised Porsche specialist workshops. All the original handbooks are also with the car, as is a pile of invoices for work done over the years.

A summary of the service history is as follows;

24/10/2001, 6999 miles, Chapelgate Porsche

14/08/2002, 1004 7miles, Lancaster Cambridge Porsche

23/07/2003, 13351 miles, Sutton Coldfield Porsche

13/08/2004, 20369 miles, Bournemouth Porsche

25/07/2005, 36620 miles, Bournemouth Porsche

07/05/2006, 48709 miles, Reading Porsche

06/06/2008, 63414 miles, Auto 200 Porsche specialist

01/02/2010, 71564 miles, D.S Automotive

04/08/2012, 88678 miles, B.S.Motorsport

24/07/2014, 98411 miles, Jaz Porsche

15/05/2017, 99406 miles, Jaz Porsche

15/08/2018, 100979 miles, WrightTune Porsche specialist

09/10/2020 103271 miles, WrightTune Porsche specialist

The owner says:

‘I searched for a 996 Turbo for a few months and then this car came up on 911Virgin. It was higher mileage than I had wanted but the condition and history of the car, the options fitted, and the fact that I’d met and known the previous owner in The Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) helped me make the decision to buy it. He sold the car because he was emigrating to Spain.

‘It is a very early build 996 Turbo. It has no glovebox but surprisingly has an oil dip stick tube (but no dip stick).. this is quite rare and is not present on later vehicles, the oil level can only be checked on the dashboard. Apparently, A dip stick can be added but a taller replacement oil cap is required for clearance.

‘The guys at 911 virgin were awesome to deal with and sorted out a few niggles after I took delivery. The righthand turbo was rebuilt under warranty and a new wastegate fitted. An A/C leak was addressed (pipe connection under driver side – receipts all in the folder). Unfortunately the A/C pipe failed again at a later date and required the engine to be removed to replace it. While the engine was out, I asked 9Excellence to perform further preventative maintenance tasks such as fix any boost leaks, protect the hidden brake lines, replace the coolant reservoir, as well as other items which can be seen in the invoice.

‘I have performed some small tasks to improve the car such as replacing some of the internal switches, the front bumper lip and splitter, one front wheel arch liner, and the alternator. I did fit a switchable exhaust for a while – it sounded awesome but droned a bit too much for my liking, so I put the original exhaust back on.

‘I only ever used the car for car shows and Porsche Club GB events. It’s always been garaged under my ownership and a certificate of provenance from Porsche is also included in the documentation.

‘As much as I love the car, and it is awesome to drive, during covid it has hardly been driven due to a lack of events to go to, and reasons to take the car out. It is a third car for me. I’m a serial Porsche owner and long term Porsche Club GB member, and for the first time in over 20 years I will be Porscheless when this is sold.

‘This car will be replaced by a Lotus Emira, I just hope it lives up to expectations otherwise I will no doubt find myself looking for another 911. Since placing the deposit for my Emira, I have thought about selling the car on a number of occasions. The problem is every time I went for a drive in it, the smile came back and I kept thinking, maybe not yet. However, the Emira delivery is in September and time is running out.’

What We Think

A lovely example of the first of the water-cooled 911 Turbos, which has been enthusiast owned and coddled for most of its life. Values of these cars will only go one way.

Our estimate for this car is £25,000 - £30,000.

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  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 104500
  • Engine: 3600
  • Gearbox: auto
  • Steering position: RHD
  • Colour: Basalt Black
  • Interior: Black Leather
  • Estimated Price: £25,000 - £30,000

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