1968 PORSCHE 911 2.0 T

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1968 PORSCHE 911 2.0 T


In 1967, one year after the launch of the 160hp 911 "Super", Porsche began offering a lower spec variant of its flagship model which took the world by storm during its debut in 1964 thanks to its lively 2000cc 6-cylinder boxer engine and its now iconic coupé body. This lower spec variant, named "Touring", featured a detuned engine, to make it more user friendly, that still retained the same displacement, bore and stroke of the more powerful version. Its power output was 110hp at 5800rpm, 20hp less than a regular 911 but sported a much more linear, and docile, power curve. The engine, despite its power loss and the less advanced technology employed that saw the unit equipped with cast iron cylinders instead of the MAHLE sourced nikasil plated alloy ones, milder camshafts and a simpler crankshaft with less counterweights, still retained the 911 S version’s bigger valves and sported Weber carburettors. The "T" trim is quite spartan in nature and closely resembles the one adopted for the 4 cylinders 912 released a couple of years prior. Its distinctive signs are the wide under-door sills, the chrome bumper trims with rubber brackets, rear grille, horn and round rear view mirrors, the silver-coloured Porsche and slanted 911t badges and left-handed windshield wipers.

The Vehicle

The vehicle we are pleased to offer, chassis number 119120831, was first registered in Italy in 1968 and therefore sports the cosmetic upgrades of the MY1967 which include the rubber-bracketed chrome bumper trims, rear grille, horn and round rear view mirrors, the silver-coloured Porsche and slanted 911t badges and left-handed windshield wipers. Some of the trim parts were replaced during its lifetime, however, and not all of them are period correct as we'll point out further down in the description. This example comes with its original toolbox, its jack and a spare wheel.

On the Outside

Both from the pictures and our in-situ inspection we can say that the car is currently painted in its original colour, Ossie Blue, and that it's possible that it was resprayed at some point in time. The body is in overall fair conditions and almost rust free, save from some superficial traces of rust between the trunk and the rear fenders and some oxidation marks on the door handles. The lower side of the body, especially near the rear fenders, shows some minor bubbling perhaps caused by its exposure to humidity and poor preparation before a respray. On top of that the paint is slightly scratched and faded in some points that could be remedied with some TLC or by having the car professionally repainted. The chrome trims, aside from some minor nicks, are still shiny. The rubber brackets that hold the bumper guards are slightly cracked. The passenger side sill chrome trim is not period correct but that's an easy fix. The same can be said about the side mirrors, which are rectangular and not round as they should, and the headlights which come from a 2.4l engined car. The car is also equipped with a well refurbished set of the sought-after optional Fuchs wheels instead of the dull steelies the 911t came with.

On the Inside

The cabin is in overall fair conditions and the carpet doesn't show excessive wear signs. The cloth with leather bolsters front seats, which are in fair condition with just some age-related wear marks, are not period correct and were probably sourced from newer a 2.7l "g series" 911, the 911 T came with vinyl seats from the factory. Aside from these discrepancies the interior is period cor-rect and unmolested. The door cards, side panels and rear seats are well preserved and the head-liner only shows some small stains near the B pillars. The 5-dial dashboard, the optional Blaupunkt radio, the steering 4 spoke steering wheel and the gear knob are well preserved while the odome-ter reads 63238km. Aside from some minor oxidation on their screws the sun visors are in equally good nick.


The engine bay is tidy and clean, well-protected by the paint and free of rust. The cooling fan, which is in good working order, presents some minor flaking on both the blades and the hub but that doesn't affect its functionality in the slightest. The oil specification, engine firing order and valve leash specs stickers are still present in the engine bay. The matching numbers engine was refreshed by a reputable shop in northern Italy around 15 years ago and the car barely covered 3000km since then. On top of the piston rings and general engine overhaul the brake calipers were rebuilt and the gearbox's oil seals were replaced. The carburettors were cleaned and many gaskets were replaced. The timing chain tensioner was refurbished. The worn clutch was replaced last year. The exhaust is still the original one and shows its age, however it's still intact and doesn't seem to leak. The undercarriage appears to be clean and defect free, just like the wheel arches. There's some minor oxidation, or corrosion, chassis side. Precisely near the front suspension arms' pick-up points.

History Highlights

The car was first sold by Spa Car Comauto to a gentleman from Milan in December 1968 for 3.650.000 Italian lire. The car was then sold to its current owner in 1983 and is now offered to-gether with its original registration papers that state its first registration as December 5th, 1968. The car's registration certificate contains proof of its MOTs check-ups, with the last one passed on June 15th, 2021. The old road tax receipts are still present as well. The car was registered with Au-tomotoclub Storico Italiano's classic car registry in order to benefit from the various tax exemp-tions allowed for vintage cars. The car also comes with its service manual.

What We Think

A Porsche 911 needs no introduction. It's one of the best known and most sought-after sports cars and many people even go as far as to call it "the" sportscar. Air-cooled vintage models hold a special place in many collectors' and enthusiasts' hearts thanks to their distinctive looks and driving abilities. Despite being the least-powerful T variant, equipped with its 2 litres, 110hp engine, this car is a fair entry model for those willing to join the Air-cooled 911 family. Its reliability and detuned engine make it a fun, nimble car to drive without being too worried, or stressed, by the more exuberant variants sportiness. We think that the car we offer is a good example and perhaps a decent investment, given its fairly preserved conditions and the current 911 market.

Price estimate for this Porsche 911 2.0 T: € 32.000 - € 40.000

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  • Location: Varese, Italy
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 63202
  • Chassis Number: 119120831
  • Engine: 2.0 110 CV
  • Gearbox: manual
  • Steering position: LHD
  • Colour: Ossie Blue
  • Interior: Black
  • Estimated Price: €32,000 - €40,000
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