2012 MAYBACH 57S


"It's one of the world's most luxurious cars. In fact, only the Rolls-Royce Phantom comes close. It can carry a driver, front passenger and up to three rear passengers on a serene, silent and spacious journey." – Autocar magazine on the Maybach 57 S.

The revived Maybach brand began in 2002 with the launch of the Maybach 57 and 62: two high-performance luxury saloons that, inevitably, incorporated a good deal of contemporary Mercedes-Benz technology. The model designations were derived from their approximate lengths: 5.7 metres and 6.2 metres, respectively. Both were powered initially by a 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

An enhanced version of the 57 - the 57S, for 'Special' - was launched at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show and featured a 6.0-litre, 604bhp V12 from the group's Mercedes-AMG division.

According to Autocar magazine: "Incredibly, it is not so much the engine's massive power that gives the 57S its character, more the endless reserve of torque, which swells to 738lb/ft at just 2000rpm to provide the Maybach with devastating off-the-line and in-gear acceleration."

A base price of €381,250 ($417,402) ensured that only a privileged few would get to experience the 57S's incredible performance at first hand.

The Vehicle

This car is offered from outside of the European Union. It has been imported under temporary admission customs bond and is therefore subject to Dutch import tax on top of the winning bid price.

The winning bidder will receive a receipt for the final hammer value, as their proof of purchase.

This vehicle has been on static display for a number of years and the documented history available is limited to that displayed in our photography section.

We have not tried to start or drive the car, and cannot vouch for its mechanical viability or functionality. It will require recommissioning prior to road use and is sold ‘as seen’.

As CARS Europe BV is the guarantor of all customs duties and taxes for vehicles within Dutch customs bond, the car cannot be released to the buyer or transporter immediately after the sale. For all enquiries relating to Customs, please contact CARS Europe BV.

Purchases will only be released once cleared funds are received. All vehicles must be collected after the payment of funds. All storage charges must be paid in full prior to the vehicle’s collection or onward transportation.

Storage charges payment must be arranged with the storage company. Collection is strictly by appointment only.

Please send a booking email to the storage centre to ensure vehicle(s) are ready at time of collection. Photographic ID will be required at time of collection. If a third party is collecting for you, then written authorisation is required in advance from you and photographic ID of the third party is required at the time of collection. Collection either by buyer or third party is only possible for vehicles within customs bond if applicable import taxes paid are paid to import into country of bonded storage location.

As soon as The Market by Bonhams will receive your payment, The Market by Bonhams accounts service will inform the manager of the storage where your car(s) is stored: a release note will be sent to them..

CARS Europe BV will contact you just after the sale to confirm onward transport requirements. Direct contact at CARS for enquiries is as follows; Joanna Herlihy, +31 (0) 252 682 526, +44 7483 433912, joanna@carseurope.net.


€30 + local VAT per motor car per day commencing from the sixth day following the auction end.


€500 per motor car (plus applicable permanent import taxes from bond).

This 2012 Maybach 57S has the VIN number WDB2400771A003318 and engine number 28598060001160.

It was built to what is described as the ‘Swiss Specification’ and is in the following colour combination:

Main colour (LUT) = 886 Ireland Green middle

Side colour (LOT) = 886 Ireland Green middle

Shoulder line = NMS Royal Tulip (RR colour).

The upholstery colour is 535 ‘Maui pearl’.

With the proviso that we haven’t tried to start or drive this car and can therefore only comment on its cosmetic condition, we think this Maybach 57S is a more or less immaculate example of a high-performance model from one of the world’s most prestigious, ultra-luxury marques.

In common with many vehicles from the vendor’s collection, the car comes with very little history and no service records.

We believe it may have been delivered to the vendor in 2013.

This car has just 198 kms on the odometer.

It is virtually unused, barely run-in, and in showroom condition in almost every respect – outside, inside and underneath.

On the Outside

The bodywork has no dents or bumps. The shut-lines are consistent and even.

The two-tone paintwork has an impressive shine and depth of lustre to it.

The chrome work is all good, as are the wheels, badging, trim, lights and lenses.

There is a small black scuff on the paintwork behind the front wheel on the driver’s side.

There are one or two small stone chips in the usual places – on the front valance and along the sills.

There are some black marks on the driver’s side front wheel.

Aside from these very minor points, the bodywork is pristine as far as we can see.

On the Inside

The interior is equally untroubled by either time or use. As with the exterior, it looks more or less brand new.

Everything inside - door cards, headlining, carpets, mats, dashboard, upholstery – is in extraordinary condition.

The only exceptions are the base of the driver’s seat and, to a lesser extent, the passenger’s seat. These are scuffed and in need of cleaning. The steering wheel could also benefit from the application of a damp cloth.

Those easily rectifiable issues aside, the interior is in exceptional condition.

We can’t make any claims about the functionality of switches, knobs, levers, toggles, buttons, dials or other electrics as we haven’t started or driven the vehicle.


The undersides and look like what you’d expect to find on a car that has only covered 198 kms and has spent most of its life as part of a static display collection.

In other words, they look as good as new.

History Highlights

The car doesn’t come with a service history or any record of work done.

Any paperwork that we have is displayed in the photo gallery, we do not have anything else.

What We Think

We think this is probably the lowest mileage, best condition Maybach 57S you’ll find anywhere in the world.

These were rare, elite cars designed for only the most discerning and particular of buyers when they were brand new.

The fact that Maybach ceased to exist as a distinct marque after 2013 makes them ever rarer.

If the underlying structure, engine and running gear prove to be as impressive as the rest of this very special car, then the next owner can take pride in joining a list of Maybach fans that includes everyone from Bernie Ecclestone and Jay-Z to Woody Allen and Colonel Gaddafi.

We’re confident to offer this car for auction with an estimate of €50,000 - €100,000.

Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Bidders MUST ensure they are aware of the registration situation of a car in auction, and whether it will be possible to export/register a vehicle in their country BEFORE they bid.

All vehicles MUST BE COLLECTED WITHIN 7-DAYS of the auction end. Storage fees of £180 + VAT apply (per week) thereafter without exception.

If needed, Footman James classic car insurance and Classic Concierge offer storage can offer you options, plus we have a list of contacts who can help with transport and shipping both domestic and international.  

BORING, but IMPORTANT: Please note that whilst we at The Market always aim to offer the most descriptive and transparent auction listings available, we cannot claim they are perfect analyses of any of the vehicles for sale. We offer far greater opportunity for bidders to view, or arrange inspections for each vehicle thoroughly prior to bidding than traditional auctions, and we always encourage bidders to take advantage of this. We do take a good look at those vehicles which are delivered to our premises for sale, but this only results in our unbiased personal observations, not those of a qualified inspector or other professional, or the result of a long test drive.

Also, localised paint repairs are common with collectable and classic cars and if they have been professionally carried out then they may be impossible to detect, even if we see the car in person. So, unless we state otherwise, please assume that any vehicle could have had remedial bodywork at some point in its life.

Additionally, please note that most of the videos on our site have been recorded using basic cameras which often result in 'average' sound quality; in particular, engines and exhausts notes can sound a little different to how they are in reality.

Please note that this is sold as seen (Caveat Emptor) and that, as is normal for used goods bought at auction, a return policy does not apply. See our FAQs for more info, and feel free to inspect any vehicle as much as you wish.

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  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 198 Km
  • Chassis Number: WDB2400771A003318
  • Engine: 5980
  • Gearbox: Auto
  • Steering position: Left-hand drive
  • Colour: Green and Pink
  • Interior: Beige and Burgundy leather
  • Estimated Price: €50,000 - €100,000

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