1963 LAND ROVER Series 2a 88"

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1963 LAND ROVER Series 2a 88"



The Land Rover 2a was launched in 1961 and is widely regarded as the most durable and easily repairable of the “Series” Land Rovers.

The 2a improved over the Series 2 redesign of 1958 with minor cosmetic changes like vent flap levers and flush-fitting front headlights.

The 2.25L four cylinder engine was bored out to 2,286cc for the Series 2 and was mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox that went on to see service in the Series 3 into the 1980s.

This was peak Land Rover time with the vehicle featuring on television engraining the image of the boxy 4x4 on the nation. Sales in the 1960s were so high that the records would stand for the remainder of the model’s life.

The Land Rover has always been a military favourite and as recently as 2018 there were over 8000 in service.

Irrespective of the series, the venerable Land Rover is a British Icon that was born out of post war austerity and went on to traverse the world, creating legions of loyal fans.

The Vehicle

This particular vehicle is an ex-MOD 1963 Series 2a 88 which benefits from recent extensive service work and new parts to compliment its rich patina. 2023 will see this old soldier turn 60 years old and sporting a new outfit and shoes will see it set well for another 60 years of fun.

The vehicle shows plenty of clues to its military past, with period accessories and bodywork adorned with signs of an active live.

This Land Rover is fitted with two fuel tanks, which is the norm for military Land Rovers to extend their range. The second is fitted under the passenger seat and although present, has not been used by the previous owner so we would recommend recommissioning this item before use.

Along with the extra fuel tank, an original Jerry can marked with the number 21 also comes with the sale.

This vehicle has been stored inside for the last eight years as confirmed by the current and previous owners, and looks to be a well-loved item.

Certainly don’t expect a pristine finish and immaculate condition - this is an honest runner and is relishing its new lease of life.

This is a wonderful example that has been sensitively renovated to enhance its rustic appeal. Every panel tells the story of a life in the military and the simplicity of this vehicle harks back to a bygone era.

On the Outside

The overall appearance of this vehicle is clean and pleasing to the eye with a traditional Land Rover look full of rugged purpose.

The recent addition of new steel wheels and off-road tyres fit nicely on this vehicle and give this Landy the classic rural look.

The recent additions include a new canopy provided by the world-famous Exmoor Trim company, based on the original design.

The back window rolls up to provide access to the rear compartment where there is seating for four adults.

With the canopy removed, the vehicle takes on a truly utilitarian look and could easily be used as a pick-up truck for lugging items around with the rear seats removed.

The sand colour of the canvas canopy contrasts nicely against the Heritage Green bodywork, which has been recently repainted. The number 21 is painted on the front wing and relates to its first life as a military vehicle.

The body panels are a wonderful patchwork of rivets and marks left by its life in service.

The cap on the n/s rear covers the NATO socket used for powering electrics whilst towing. This is a common feature on military vehicles and adds real authenticity.

Although not present in the photos, the door tops/windows and spare wheel will be provided with the vehicle upon sale.

The engine bay is accessed by removing two toggle catches that hold it down and then the bonnet is supported by a locking arm. The bonnet also has the mounting points for the spare wheel which will be included in the sale.

The period number plates add a real authenticity to this Land Rover’s look and blend in well at the front with the classic Land Rover badge displayed on the grill.

On the Inside

The interior of this Land Rover is very original and, with the exception of the paint, is exactly how it would have looked in service. The seat upholstery has been refurbished to provide a more comfortable experience.

The dash contains spartan but functional instruments, with the odometer displaying the current mileage of 89338. The bracket over the passenger footwell is in place for the original fire extinguisher that comes with the vehicle, but was not available for the photos.

As far as we can see, the interior dials and electrics are in working order, with the exception of fuel gauge which is not currently working and would benefit from attention.

The front ventilation flaps are controlled by levers, which is a Series 2a upgrade, and these are fully operational, providing airflow to the cabin.

There is a plaque in front of the passenger seat showing the chassis number along with the vehicle’s original MOD registration of 30 EK 12.

The rear compartment contains reupholstered seats for four, and the frame for the canopy, which looks in excellent condition. The rear flap is sturdy and provides easy access to the rear compartment.

Another distinguishing feature of the Series 2 Land Rovers is the ability to engage the differential locks internally, and this is controlled via the red-topped lever in the cabin. Next to this is the yellow-topped low range selector. Just behind these selectors is the manufacturer’s plaque giving the chassis number as well as information about the transfer gears.

The heater in the passenger footwell is in working order and is controlled via the knob next to the fuel gauge.


The chassis of this classic has been fully checked and seems solid. As you can see from the photos there is some surface oxidisation but it overall looks in remarkable condition for a 60 year old vehicle.

The classic leaf springs all look to be in good order and the new tyres should provide plenty of grip

The engineers last serviced the vehicle in August 2021, and it turns over solidly and idles well. Revving the engine provides that trademark Land Rover sound from the exhaust.

An original hand crank handle will come with the car but is not shown in the photos.

The engine also benefits from a new radiator to aid cooling. The engine bay looks authentic and whilst everything seems to work as it should, it could benefit from degreasing and a tidy up.

History Highlights

Little is known about the exact history of this legend but the one document that comes with it points to an early varied life in the British Military.

The Vehicle Data and History Card shown in the images gives us an indication to its early life, having been first issued in October 1963 to the 63rd Parachute Squadron RCT.

The DZ (Drop Zone) flash badge of the squadron is a yellow and blue diagonally bisected square that can be seen on the front wing of this vehicle with the number 21.

In 1968 the vehicle looks to have been stored at the Central Vehicle Depot in Ashchurch near Tewksbury.

In 1969 the history card shows that the vehicle was stationed with the Lancastrian Volunteers, a short-lived Territorial Army Regiment.

Hours of interesting research could be carried based on the clues provided by this remarkable document.

The final clue to the car’s history is a stamp from the Worcester DVLA office in 2001 alongside a stamp stating that it was re-registered VRM EAD605A.

What We Think

The Land Rover is a car that enjoys an enduring appeal across all walks of life, with the early ‘Series’ models in particular enjoying cult appeal. This particular example has been upgraded in all the right areas and is the definition of go-anywhere, do-anything utilitarian motoring.

This is a historically significant vehicle that has character in abundance and a retro iconic look that would sit as well in the African plains as in the rolling English countryside.

Estimated in the region of £10,000 - £15,000, this is fantastic off-road adventure vehicle.

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  • Location: Raunds, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 89300
  • Chassis Number: 24108243B
  • Engine: 2250cc
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Right-hand drive
  • Colour: Green
  • Interior: Black
  • Estimated Price: £10,000 - £15,000

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