1999 LAND ROVER Defender 90 Td5

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1999 LAND ROVER Defender 90 Td5


The Land Rover Defender was introduced in 1983, following on from the successful Series 3. Of course, the lovable Land Rover can trace its lineage right back to 1948, when the company began producing off-road vehicles. Inspiration came undoubtedly from the World War II Willys Jeep.

With its permanent four-wheel drive system, lockable centre differential, live axles at both ends, and long-travel suspension, the Defender is so good off the beaten track. It is perhaps a little less accomplished on terra firma.

Rather like a fine wine, Defenders mature with age and any hard-won patina they gain just adds to the character.

Defenders came in all shapes and sizes - a pickup, van or nine-seater family wagon and there has always been a plethora of companies who will turn one into a campervan, recovery truck or even a mobile crane. However outlandish the design, you can bet that someone will have built it.

Not everyone wants their Defender as utilitarian as the maker intended and there are plenty of companies out there, keen to prettify this most loved of vehicles. Want more power? No problem… A fine leather interior with lashing of wood trim? Easy…

However, sometimes original is best, left just as the maker intended.

The Defender as we knew it was finally killed off in 2016, a combination of ever more stringent emissions regulations and dated design.

The Vehicle

We are pleased to be offering for sale a familiar 1999 Defender 90 TD5. These vehicles have usually had a hard life, being a working tool for a farmer or suchlike.

This particular example was previously owner by the chatelaine of a small private estate in Ledbury and was used we suspect for light duties only. Advancing years meant the owner struggled to climb up into the cabin and hence in May of last year it was offered for sale.

Step forward then. Our seller Adrian, a country gent through and through and a classic car enthusiast par excellence. He knew a good Landy when he saw it and jumped at the chance to buy such a fine example.

Rummaging through the history he was reassured to find the TD5 had been maintained by Tim Fry Land Rover in Cheltenham and the usually holey chassis had been replaced with a galvanized one.

Since acquiring the 4x4 he has addressed any minor issues and has enjoyed the fine driving experience both on and (carefully) off road. He has been impressed by the economy too.

The reluctant sale is to help fund the imminent purchase of a classic Porsche 911, so do bid generously, they don’t come cheap!

On the Outside

This is no battered farm vehicle, and the condition of the Coniston Green paintwork is really rather lovely. Adrian has a good friend who is the owner of a professional body shop and the TD5 has spent some time there having any small paintwork issues addressed. You may well find the odd small mark if you look closely enough but the overall effect is really quite excellent.

Matching wheels have clearly had some attention too and each comes fitted with a General Grabber off-road tyre, all with plenty of tread. Premium tyres are not only as sign of careful and considered classic car ownership, but they also make a huge difference to the driving experience especially if venturing off the beaten track.

Mirrors, plastic bits et al all look good. It should be noted that the private registration currently adorning the vehicle will be retained by our seller. It was a gift and will no doubt soon adorn that much desired 911.

On the Inside

Not only do Defenders usually take a beating on the outside, but their interiors are also usually battle-scarred. Not so with this prime example. The capacious load bay has shiny paint, clean and tidy protective matting. Only the ply lining to the sides gives the game away a tad, with signs of wear. It would be a simple enough task to replace this.

Up front, the usual 3 seats are clad in a hard-wearing material and appear free from significant wear and marks. If travelling three abreast, you will need to be on good terms with your fellow passengers.

Adrian opted to change the rather ungainly Land Rover steering wheel. The new wood-rimmed replacement is smaller in diameter and has much improved the driving experience, we are told.

A newly fitted JVC stereo has recently been fitted into the simple dash, the latter being simplicity itself.

Door cards, plastics etc are all in good condition as are the rubber floor matting.


Well, a galvanized chassis has been fitted. The end! However, if you want to check we have included plenty of photographs in our gallery. Pop the kettle on, put your feet up and take it all in. It all looks rather lovely to us.

Likewise, the engine compartment, neat, tidy, and much loved. It’s a tried and tested motor, good for high mileages and quite frugal from experience. It suits the Defender rather well, majoring on low down torque, ideal for towing or off-road work. Adrian reports that it drives beautifully.

History Highlights

We note that the TD5 had just two keepers before passing into the capable hands of our vendor. Always a good sign.

From what we can gather, the previous owner had the Landy properly maintained by Cheltenham’s Tim Fry Landrover and a little research tells us that they have over 30 years of experience with the marque. Adrian chose to chat to them for reassurance and they confirmed that proper maintenance had always been carried out.

The Land Rover was serviced in June of last year and has covered just 3,000 miles or thereabouts since.

The last MoT test was carried out in April of this year with a few advisories recorded. Seat belt damage, not especially noticeable we feel – play in a track rod end ball joint and a hole in the nearside rear floor. Adrian has tried to find said hole to no avail. Must be really tiny we guess.

What We Think

This is a mighty fine example of a Defender TD5. Well maintained, used but not abused, it should continue to provide sterling service to the lucky new owner.

The galvanized chassis fitment should provide reassurance that the dreaded tin worm will not come calling anytime soon, and the smart paintwork will ensure this classless vehicle will look equally well at home outside a smart restaurant or parked in a muddy field.

Ready to work, or ready for play, the choice is yours.

We estimate that a sale price of between £15,000 and £20,000 will be achieved.

Viewing is always encouraged. The car is located in Lechlade, Gloucestershire. To arrange an appointment please use the ‘Contact Seller’ button at the top of the listing. You won’t be disappointed!

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adrian davey

  • Location: Lechlade, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 118000
  • Chassis Number: SALLDVA87XA168005
  • Engine: 2500
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Right-hand drive
  • Colour: Coniston Green
  • Interior: Grey techno cloth and vinyl
  • Estimated Price: £15,000 - £20,000

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