2006 JAGUAR XK Convertible 4.2S Final Edition

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2006 JAGUAR XK Convertible 4.2S Final Edition


The XK8 arrived at a pivotal time for Jaguar and marked a successful end to a turbulent gestation of the XJS’s long awaited successor. During the period leading up to the launch of the XK8, Jaguar’s first new sports car for 21 years, the company endured the collapse of its BL parent, privatisation, and finally new owners in the shape of Ford in 1989.

One of the first Ford branded axes to fall at Jaguar was the one that curtailed the further development of the meandering and wayward XJ41 and 42 project, Jaguar’s attempt at replacing the long-serving and, finally, popular XJS.

Ford still recognised the urgent need to replace the XJS, however, so design work started afresh in late 1991. Ford were keen to double-down on their retrospective take on future Jaguars and were determined to evoke the spirit of the beloved E Type in a way that the XJS failed to do.

Under Ford’s strict oversight and by utilising some underpinnings from the XJS, the XK8 was announced in March 1996, an almost unprecedentedly short development period for a, mostly, new car. Launched in Coupe and Convertible iterations the XK8 was well received from the start. The family resemblance to the E Type was obvious but respectful and the fitment of the all new 4L, 32 valve AJ-V8 engine represented a statement of real intent by Jaguar.

The Vehicle

This great looking XK8 Convertible is a MY2006 car and, as such, is listed as a “Final Edition” car. One of the last X100 cars before the arrival of the X150 cars, known simply as the “XK,” later in 2006. This is considered as something of a sweet spot in the evolution of the XK8 with a number of significant improvements to the earlier cars all present here. This includes the larger 4.2L displacement and the later six-speed ZF automatic gearbox. These late models also benefit from the more durable metal chain tensioners which replaced the earlier plastic items in 2005.

This XK8 appears to have been sympathetically and lightly used by several owners. Boasting a sensible, original mileage of under 65,000 and 11 stamps in the service book, we would expect this to be an XK8 that has a lot more trips to take and memories to make with its new owner.

Hana and her late, much missed partner Paul acquired the car in 2015 but Hana explained it was not the original plan. Hana and Paul travelled to Sussex to view another, significantly cheaper car. Paul was a musician and was part of a classical quartet. Accordingly, they made sure to take a borrowed cello case with them to ensure the car they bought had sufficient luggage space to accommodate the needs of the quartet.

On arrival the XK8 was standing next to the car they had travelled to view. “It was love at first sight!” Hana explained and the deal was done. This was despite the XK8 being many thousands of pounds more expensive than the car they went to view, and the luggage needs of the quartet were also promptly set aside.

Paul and Hana enjoyed many adventures in the XK8 including road trips to Snowdonia and the Isle of Wight. They also regularly attended the Jaguar National Days in their pride and joy. Having sadly lost Paul just over a year ago Hana is selling as an eyesight condition sadly prevents her from using the car.

On the Outside

With the XK8 looking resplendent in Copper Black and sitting purposefully on 19-inch Atlas wheels this is definitely a car to get noticed in. With the black hood up or down this colourway seems to compliment the sweeps and curves of the XK8 very well indeed.

This is a 16-year-old car, however, and one which has been used and enjoyed by Hana and its previous keepers. As a result, some age-related blemishes and marks are inevitably present. Our photographer has captured these for your review with examples including scuffs to the front spoiler and light chipping and marking the leading edge of the car’s nose. The wheels exhibit some kerb rash, and the new owner may wish to get these refurbished to further improve the presentation of the car.

The paperwork shows that some body work and paintwork was professionally attended to in 2019 following a minor coming together in London traffic. As you will see from our photographic package, however, a very successful colour match appears to have been achieved.

Overall, the XK8 leaves a very positive impression. The paint appears deep and lustrous throughout, and the panel gaps appear tight and symmetrical. Light lenses are clear and un-fogged and the cabin glass is subtly tinted and appears to be in great condition all round. The black, fabric hood presents in a fine, used condition and features the heated, glass rear window so positively received at the car’s launch.

On the Inside

Back in 1996 the interior of the XK8 was the subject of much positive comment by owners and pundits alike. It was a marked improvement in terms of luxury and quality over the XJS and proved to be a very nice place to spend time.

This example is certainly no exception, being impeccably finished in ruched soft grain leather in Ivory. The high-backed front seats are both capacious and supportive and present in excellent condition with no areas of wear being noted. The quality is evident with large, box pleated central sections being punctuated with twin needle stitching in black.

The charcoal carpets are deep pile and appear to be in excellent overall condition. The dash is fronted with a vibrant burr walnut veneer, accents of which extend to the door cards and centre console. The hood is lined in oatmeal fabric and appears to be free from rips with just some light marks evident from the operation of the quick acting hydraulic hood mechanism.

This is a well-appointed car too with climate control, heated front seats, premium Alpine stereo and factory fitted satellite navigation all in evidence. It is easy to see why this interior was so well received. It is sumptuous and modern looking in equal measure. It provides the perfect environment from which to enjoy the innate charms of this sporting British GT car.


Whilst the AJ-V8 engine was new at the launch of the XK8, it has gone on to prove a robust and reliable unit capable of significant mileages when regularly maintained. It was impressively powerful too, pushing out nearly 300 bhp with torque to match.

Evidencing the 11 stamps in the service book and accompanying paperwork, this is well maintained and cared for example of the XK8 Convertible. The last service was at 64,661 miles in April 2022 and undertaken by R A Creamer & Son, now Quinn Lyons, the former Jaguar Dealer used by the Royal Household in Knightsbridge.

Hana explained that they loved the car so much that only the best would do and they drew comfort from the fact that their prized Jaguar was receiving attention from a “By Royal Appointment” garage.

The underside of the car appears to be appropriate to the car’s age and mileage with some surface corrosion present as one might expect. Whilst clearly nothing to trouble the MoT tester, a new owner may want to address some areas with a cleaning and sealing in the future.

History Highlights

This XK8 comes with a good depth of provenance providing paperwork as you will see from our photographic package. Key documents include the current V5 in the name of the owner and the original book pack in its Jaguar embossed leather folder.

The all-important service book contains 11 stamps from a mixture of Jaguar dealers and well-known independent specialists. The current hard-copy MoT is accompanied by many previous MoT’s providing a useful reference point for the mileage history of the car.

A good number of invoices for maintenance and repair work undertaken throughout the car’s life are also present. There are also, no less than, three original keys included.

What We Think

This is a British GT car to truly be proud of. Hastily bought to market from a background of uncertainty and upheaval, it could have been a white elephant of historic proportions. Instead, it was gem. A great looking GT car with power, finesse, and luxury to spare. A car that has stood the test of time very well and is now starting to both appreciate and receive the appreciation it richly deserves.

This example looks great with its lustrous Copper Black paintwork and big 19-inch wheels making it a head-turning example. The interior is fresh and well presented in the best colour making for a great place to enjoy the deep growl of the big V8 from.

There are some areas of potential further improvement for a new owner to address if they wish. This makes it an ideal opportunity for those inclined to further improve what is already a very appealing and presentable British GT car.

If an XK8 is a car you always promised yourself, as so many have, this Final Edition car incorporating all the learnings from earlier models could be the sensible choice. They remain, for now at least, a great deal of car at a surprisingly attainable price point.

Our estimate for this car is £12,000 - £16,000.

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  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 64000
  • Chassis Number: SAJAC42P262A48548
  • Engine: 4196
  • Gearbox: auto
  • Steering position: RHD
  • Colour: Limited Edition Copper Black
  • Interior: Ivory Leather
  • Estimated Price: £12,000 - £16,000

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