2019 JAGUAR F-Type SVR

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2019 JAGUAR F-Type SVR


Jaguar had been looking for a “spiritual successor” to the E-Type almost since it went out of production in 1974, given the mixed reactions to the XJS. After two stillborn Jaguar F-Type concepts of 1986 and 2000, it took another 11 years before the presentation of the C-X16 concept which evolved into the production F-Type.

Launched in 2013 in convertible and then coupé form, the base model had a 340 PS 3.0-litre supercharged V6. A more powerful S variant upped the engine’s delivery to 380 PS and soon after a 550 PS 5.0-litre supercharged V8 was launched as the F-Type R. As well as evolutions of the V6 and V8, a 300 PS 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder option was added in 2018.

In March 2016, Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) unveiled the F-Type SVR - like the one you see here - in Geneva. Again available as a drop-top or fixed-head, the SVR took the all-wheel-drive and V8 engine from the R and squeezed 575 PS out of it. Combined with the SVO-tweaked 8-speed paddle-shift automatic it enabled a 3.5 seconds time to 62 mph and a coupé top speed of 200 mph - the first Jaguar road car since the XJ220 to be capable of doing so.

SVO also gave the car new dampers and anti-roll bars, wider and lighter 20-inch wheels and tuned the handling and dynamics of the car to be sharper and on-the-limit. A titanium and inconel exhaust system gave a more aggressive sound and contributed to the 25 kg weight saving over the AWD R. Another 25 kg could be found by specifying the carbon roof, ceramic brakes and carbon styling pack.

Production of the SVR continued until 2020, by which time 1,871 had been built with fewer than 400 of those being sold in the UK.

Jaguar Head of Design, Ian Callum once said, “Jaguars should be perceived as cool cars, and cool cars attract interesting, edgy people.” Well, they don’t come any cooler than the SVR, so you must ask yourself whether you are interesting and edgy enough for this one?

The Vehicle

First registered on 20 December 2019 by Marshall’s Jaguar of Cambridge, this 200 mph 2020MY Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupé was resold by them to its second owner, on 15 August 2020 with just over 5,000 miles on the clock.

The last owner was a gentleman of advancing years but one with a penchant for very fast cars - and who can blame him? During his almost two years of ownership, he added around 10k miles, but still left the car looking immaculate.

On the Outside

The car is finished in Santorini Black metallic with a panoramic glass roof. The SVR styling features of front splitter, large bonnet vents, side skirts and rear diffuser are all body coloured rather than the optional carbon-fibre, although the active rear spoiler is finished in carbon-fibre as was standard.

The front splitter sports the shield of Arden, an aftermarket tuning and modifications specialist. More from them can be seen On the Inside and Underneath.

The car sits on its original spec 20-inch SVR ‘Coriolis’ alloy wheels finished in dark grey, which present in a good condition and are all fitted with Pirelli PZero tyres. The red-painted brake callipers show through the wheels along with the standard-fit performance steel brake discs.

The F-Type SVR is a great looking car and the exterior condition of this one is fabulous, with barely a blemish.

On the Inside

If it's possible, the interior of this car may well be even more glorious than the outside. The thin performance seats, unique to the SVR and embossed with the logo on the headrests, are clad in black leather with red piping and lozenge-quilted with red contrast stitching.

The same look covers the doors and the leather continues across the cabin, save for the A-pillars, binnacle and centre console which are suede-cloth. The carpets are in good order and covered with Arden floor mats. It looks like an Arden aluminium pedal set has been fitted too.

The infotainment system is the later InControl unit with a 10-inch TouchPro screen, which has so many functions it would be impossible to list - luckily there’s a full book pack with the car to give the new owner some bedtime reading!

All in all, the SVR’s cabin is in great condition and feels very special.


Lift the front-hinged bonnet and, unlike the F-Type R, there is no engine cover. Either for weight-saving or improved cooling, the SVR was left with the aluminium supercharger on show, rather than covered with a foam-backed plastic shroud. Nonetheless, everything looks clean, intact and suitably baffling to the home mechanic.Also the previous owner had fitted an upgraded exhaust system manufactured by the renowned German company Arden a quick look on their website tells these can cost between £4,000 and £6,000 although we do not know which system it is what we do know is the sound is truely EPIC !! Slightly less exciting but none the less proof that this SVR has been loved it has also had fitted at a cost of sevral hundred pounds Arden brake and accelerator pedals and floormats unfortunately the current owner is unaware if any other Arden upgrades have been carried out as they do a number of engine and suspension performance enhancements as well.

Most of the undersides of the car are covered by protective undertrays, which also aid aerodynamics, and these appear to be intact and undamaged. There’s a light bloom of surface rust across the subframes but most other structures appear in good order. The exhaust system is most likely to be a German-made aftermarket unit from Arden given the stamps on the chrome tail pipes.

Under the hatchback in the boot, there’s no spare wheel but there is a tyre repair canister in a well under the floorboard. Needless to say, the boot linings and load cover are spotless and in good order all round. A USB cable has been threaded through to the rear window, presumably for a rear-facing dash cam.

History Highlights

Being less than 3 years old, this SVR hasn’t got a great deal of history to highlight and doesn’t need an MOT until December.

It has just three entries in its Jaguar online service record as follows:

Dec 2019 - 6 miles / PDI - Marshall Jaguar Cambridge

Aug 2020 - 5,263 - Marshall Jaguar Cambridge (pre-sale)

Feb 2022 - 14,052 - Nene Jag Specialists Peterborough

The current odometer reading is approximately 16,100 miles.

The car comes with a single invoice for the service in February, a full book pack in the Jaguar-embossed wallet and two key fobs.

When the car was sold to its last owner, the dealer mentioned the performance upgrades by the above mentioned Arden and, whilst there is evidence of their involvement in terms of the sticker, the exhaust and the floor mats and pedals, contact with Arden has so far been unsuccessful so there is nothing we can point to which confirms this. With or without additional engine and suspension performance upgrades, this is a truely epic car.

What We Think

This Jaguar F-Type SVR is an absolute monster. A snarling and powerful but agile beast with the ability to capture your soul on the shortest of test drives. Prepare to be beguiled by the primaeval growl from the Arden exhaust that puts even Maranello’s finest to shame. The triple black specification with touches of red only adds to this car’s presence and appeal.

Given that the early F-Types are nearly 10 years old and relatively plentiful - and everyone says how quickly Jaguar’s depreciate - you’d think that they’d be cheap to buy. But even high-mileage 340 PS V6s are holding on above the £20k mark - such is their desirability.

We think this one, the top of the range 575 PS V8 SVR, less than 3 years old with only 16k miles and finished in a striking specification, will go for somewhere between £68,000 and £75,000 - already quite a saving on the £100k+ price when new.

The same money could buy you a Porsche 997 turbo or a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, but both have considerably less power and are between 5 and 10 years older, so we think this Jag is a cracking buy.

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  • Location: The Market HQ Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Trade
  • Odometer Reading: 15000
  • Chassis Number: SAJDA1AE7LCK65968
  • Engine: 5000
  • Gearbox: auto
  • Steering position: RHD
  • Colour: Black
  • Interior: Black Quilted Leather
  • Estimated Price: £68,000 - £75,000
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