1966 FIAT 850 Coupé

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1966 FIAT 850 Coupé


Introduced in March 1965 at the Geneva Motor Show next to the Fiat 850 Spider, the Fiat 850 Coupé is, like the open-body model, the sporty version of the popular Turin hatchback launched the previous year to replace the Fiat 600. The technical layout is the same of the two-door sedan from which it is derived, with the classic design with the mechanics all-astern (engine backwards and rear-wheel drive). However, some changes distinguish the sporty versions from the original car: the liquid-cooled 843 cc four-cylinder engine enjoy higher power (rising in the Coupé version from 37 hp to 47 hp); the front brakes are disc brakes and no longer drum brakes; the wheel rims have an enlarged base and measure 13 inches instead of 12 inches; the gear ratio also changes, with a final reduction modified from 8/37 to 8/39. Plus, with the Fiat 850 Coupé and Spider Fiat reintroduces and start to use it for all its future sports models the historic laurel circle logo first introduced on racing cars in the 1920s.

The Vehicle

The 850 Coupé, chassis number 090961, was first registered in Rome in 1966. The car thus belongs to the first series of the model and is the most sought-after version of classic Fiat collectors (especially if, as in this case, when endowed with book and plate original). The 850 Coupé has had just two previous keepers, the second of whom is a classic car collector. The odometer says the car has only traveled 36.965 miles and at first glance would appear to have been repainted maybe fifteen years ago. The car presents well for the age and has clearly been well preserved.

On the Outside

Finished in ivory beige, the 850 Coupé, as mentioned, is believed to be repainted. Starting at the front of the car, the chrome parts are in good condition, with no traces of tarnishing to the bumper or to the headlamp bezels. The lenses are in good order, with no cracks. The standard lighting of the car is optimized by auxiliary lamps branded by Carello (on fashion at that time). The bonnet looks to be in line with an equal gap down each wing rail. Moving up to the windscreen and seal, both look in good condition. Looking down the flanks of the 850 Coupé, the car comes in good general condition: here is no trace of corrosion around the wheel arches or even on the doors or the panels. The doors look to align as they should, and the deflector windows look to be in good condition with no scratches. In addition, the window frames look in good order. The only clear flaws are some minor dings in the high part of the driver side and some tidy up with the equivalent paint around the wheel arches. Around to the rear, and again everything looks to be in good order. The rear window is in good condition, and the light clusters, which are free from splits. The bumper is in in good condition, with no traces of tarnishing. The wheels are steel these are in good condition, and the tires also have a good amount of tread remaining.

On the Inside

Inside, the 850 Coupé has same colour seats than the rest of the interior, a sign that these are the originals. They are in in good order, with no rips or screws in the leatherette covering. The same goes for the rear seat. The original two-spoke steering wheel is very in good condition for the age and the Fiat center badge has no traces of crazing. The rest of the dashboard is in good condition, with the odometer showing a reading of 36,965 miles. The switch gear, although there are not a lot of switches, looks to be in good condition with no wear to the lettering on the radio buttons and other controls. The rubber carpets are in good order with no apparent signs of any wear to mention. The headlining would benefit from a deep restoration. The rear speakers are non-original, but they can be easily removed.


Equipped with the original 843 cc engine, in the last period the 850 Coupé in the last period was used regularly. Looking in the engine compartment, the engine looks good, even if there are some metal parts - like the filter box - with some traces of surface corrosion. There are some signs of a small leak around the engine, but it does not appear to be dripping. The battery has already been replaced by the current owner. Looking at the underside, everything seems to be in order, with no obvious corrosion spots to mention, except in the front area. However, according to what told us by the vendor, to get the car in perfect condition the underside should be restored and eventually coated with an underseal type coating to protect for the future.

History Highlights

The 850 Coupé comes with plate, book and complementary sheet original. The car belonged to a man born in 1926, who kept it for many years before he sells it to a classic car collector. The current owner starts and drives the car regularly and has assured us that it drives very gently.

What We Think

This 1966 Fiat 850 Coupé is an ideal car to join the world of classic Fiat. The vehicle looks to have been regularly used and has retained its originality. To our knowledge, the car has been serviced less than a year ago and it works well, so it doesn't need for any maintenance. With many original features, this 850 Coupé is ready to use or could be used as a very good base to get in perfect condition one of the most recognizable Italian car from the 1960s.

Price estimate for this Fiat 850 Coupé: € 8.500 - € 10.000

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  • Location: Roma, Italy
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 59413
  • Chassis Number: 090961
  • Engine: 843 CC 49 CV
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Left-hand drive
  • Colour: Ivory
  • Interior: Brown leatherette
  • Estimated Price: €8,500 - €10,000
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