1986 FERRARI Testarossa Monospecchio

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1986 FERRARI Testarossa Monospecchio



Very few cars have marked 80s and 90s kids the way the Testarossa did. Star from multiple television series and films, the almost comically wide sportscar was and is a true design icon. Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1984, demand was so hot from the start that the buyer frenzy even fuelled egregious dealer mark-ups, peaking at 150.000 USD in early years.

Production of Ferraris new flagship 12-cylinder car began in 1984. The mid-engined layout had proven to be a successful concept in its predecessor, the Berlinetta Boxer, and the Testarossa was to improve on some of the Boxer’s faults and weak points, such as the high center of gravity, hot cabin, and lack of luggage space. The result was a very usable supercar that combined performance, reliability, and comfort like few others. The design came from Pininfarina, and the first iteration was produced until 1991, after which two model revisions called 512TR and 512M were released until the end of production in 1996. In total, Ferrari built 10.000 cars, making the Testarossa one of the most mass-produced Ferrari models ever.

All Testarossa were built with a five-speed manual transmission mounted at the rear. The rear mid-engine design behind the cabin keeps the centre of gravity in the middle of the vehicle and increases stability and cornering capabilities. The Testarossa was also the last flat-12 engined Ferrari ever produced.

These are great cars to drive, and feature much better ergonomics than the previous Boxers. As a result, many high-mileage cars exist. However, maintenance can be bothersome as the mandatory five-year belt service is not an easy job to do and requires the engine to be removed.

Of the different production series, the first Testarossa models are probably the most desirable since they have one very particular and recognizable feature: their single external rearview mirror mounted on the A-pillar. These models are more commonly known as the monospecchio, Italian for single mirror, and command a slight premium over later cars in same condition.

If you have been looking for a Testarossa and like the quirky looks of the monospecchio version, we might have something of interest for you here…

The Vehicle

The car on offer is a 1986 Testarossa and is a desirable monospecchio version. It is presented in its original colour combination of Rosso Corsa over black and was delivered new to France via the Charles Pozzi dealership in Paris. The car is offered from long-term ownership and will require some attention before being used. The mileage of 57.429 kilometres at time of cataloguing is said to be original.

On the Outside

On the outside, the Testarossa is presented in decent condition. The rosso corsa bodywork, the original colour in which it left the factory, is shiny and has been resprayed approximately 15 years ago, according to the owner. Some more or less visible defects are however visible, though no major paint defect has been identified. The black front spoiler has also been repainted but is presented in a glossy paint instead of the original black matte. The spoiler also has a few scratches, most likely the result of contact with road bumps. The new owner could treat the front lip, or even the new car, to a respray and amend those small defects if he wishes to do so. The panel gaps appear to be straight. The lights all around are in good condition, and both pop-up headlamps are functioning. The wheels are in mediocre condition and would benefit from refurbishing, at which point the tires would also need to be replaced as they are too old. The rear window is cracked and will have to be replaced.

The owner reports that the second mirror on the passenger side was already mounted when he purchased the vehicle. If the new owner wishes to do so, he can easily remove it and return this car to its original monospecchio appearance. The exhaust system has been modified, though we do not know what type of exhaust has been mounted. The original exhaust is included in the sale.

On the Inside

The inside of our Testarossa is upholstered in black leather. The interior does not appear to be damaged, but clearly show some signs of age and wear, we think that especially the seats would benefit from some attention from a detailer or an upholsterer to bring them back to as-new condition. A positive aspect is that they are not damaged, so the original leather can be kept if the new owner wishes to do so. It could make for a beautifully patinated interior. The door panels, dashboard and roof liner show the same level of wear as the seats but could be easily brought back to great condition with some care. The gear knob is non-original but can be returned to original appearance with ease. The gated shifter and all the buttons are in decent condition, and none of the buttons appear to be broken or missing. The seller, an electrician, reports that he has modified the wires to the windows in order to get better voltage to the window motors, adding to their reliability. Originally delivered with a pair of Schedoni leather bags, only one of the two bags appears to remain with the car.


The engine bay is in nice original condition and is kept rather clean. We could not spot any non-original modifications. The owner states that he has always serviced the car himself and that invoices of the various parts are available. Potential buyers should be aware that the last cambelt change was done in 2017 and that this service is now due. From underneath, some rust to the chassis is visible, and it is possible that some of this would need attention at some point. The underbody is largely straight and in good condition, though some deformations to the driver’s side sill is visible. This could be due to contact with road bumps or incorrect use of a car jack. A non-original tube has been fixed to the chassis, most likely a breather tube, and we would recommend you replace this with a correct Ferrari spare part. Unusually, the transmission half-shafts have been painted red, together with some other engine parts. Neither engine nor gearbox appear to be leaking any fluids, which is very positive for a plus-thirty-year-old Italian sports car.

The trunk is presented in nice original condition and fits enough luggage for a weekend getaway (but not much more).

We would recommend you inspect the vehicle in person in order to get a full picture of its condition.

History Highlights

This 1986 Ferrari Testarossa was delivered new to the famous Charles Pozzi dealership in Paris. It is now offered from the long-term care of the seller, who has owned this car for a total of 27 years and is only the second owner. During his ownership, the seller has done most of the works to the car by himself and invoices from the spare parts are on file. The car is sold with its original tools, books and one Schedoni leather bag.

What We Think

The Ferrari Testarossa is a legendary sportscar and combines performance and comfort in a way that very few other cars can. Great to drive, also on long trips with your partner (if she can travel light that is), these are Ferrari that can still be purchased at relatively attractive prices and certainly offer a lot of car for the money. The early monospecchio versions, such as the example on offer are the most desirable, and we think that our Testarossa could be a great car if you do not mind investing some time and money to get the car properly sorted.

We estimate this car to fetch between €100,000 - €120,000 in auction.

This particular car is located with the vendor in Six-Fours-les-Plages, France. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

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Thierry Monel

  • Location: Six-Fours-les-Plages, France
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 57,429 km
  • Chassis Number: ZFFTA17B000065501
  • Engine: 5 litre V12 380 CV
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Left-hand drive
  • Colour: Rosso Corsa
  • Interior: Black Leather
  • Estimated Price: €100,000 - €120,000

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