1985 FERRARI Mondial QV

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1985 FERRARI Mondial QV


Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina, the Mondial entered the market in 1980. Available as either a 2+2 coupé or a cabriolet, it replaced the four-seater Ferrari 308GT4 enabling the Italian firm to continue to market the two-seater 308GTB/GTS, the car that donated its chassis and drivetrain to the Mondial.

Carrozzeria Scaglietti supplied and built the bodywork, a combination of steel and aluminium panels that are fixed to a space-frame chassis. The result is a car that’s as light and stiff as it is beautiful and one that handles exceptionally well.

Front and rear subframes hold the major mechanical assemblies and while the 3.0-litre V8 engine might be able to trace its roots straight back to the V6 Dino engine of 1968, it still produces 214bhp and 179lb/ft of torque, enough for a 0-60mph time of around eight seconds.

The Mondial is one of the last Ferraris to benefit from the reduced maintenance costs that are the byproduct of what is analogue, old school engineering, making it popular with knowledgeable enthusiasts who prefer to do their own servicing.

The Vehicle

Finished in the unusual shade of Prugna Metallic with a cream leather interior, this fabulous Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole was first registered in January 1985.

In the care of its previous owner for a decade, he even took it down to Le Mans, a role it is eminently suited to.

Being offered for sale with no reserve, this delightful example would be a cost-effective introduction to what is arguably the most prestigious and famous marque of them all…

On the Outside

With that wonderful Prugna Metallic (or, less prosaically, metallic plum) paintwork, understated black bumpers and buttresses, and no chrome trim except for the badges, this mid-eighties Mondial is a wonderfully discrete sportscar, capable of making quick progress without drawing unnecessary attention to itself.

That it quickly draws a crowd of cognoscenti whenever it is parked is testament to the high regard enthusiasts have for this underrated model as well as its condition.

Because the panels really are very good, helped, of course, by that gorgeous colour. There's scope to improve the paintwork overall with a deep detail, and some of the blackwork could be looked at also.

The passenger near side door has recently ceased, but the vendor reports that this was operating recently, therefore the remedy should not be too involved.

The sliding metal sunroof opens and closes as it should, and the light lenses, glazing, and badges all sparkle.

By way of contrast, the front and rear bumpers are more soberly finished and yet even their condition shines because they are free of the sort of parking damage that other, lesser examples, sport.

Speaking of parking damage, the elegant five-spoke Cromodora alloy wheels are, of course, not only in great shape and free of any signs of kerbing but are also fitted with matching metric Michelin X tyres.

We will never get tired of telling you that experience shows that matching high-quality tyres are an infallible sign of a caring and mechanically sympathetic owner who is prepared to spend the appropriate amount in maintaining their car properly. Their presence does not, of course, preclude the need for a thorough inspection - something the vendor would welcome, by the way – but it does perhaps give you a shortcut into their attitude towards maintenance.

With only the usual stonechips, minor marks (#174), the odd patch of lacquer loss (#108), and a tiny amount of faded black trim (#133 and #134), there doesn’t appear to be anything on the coachwork with which to concern yourself.

On the Inside

And what an interior!

Brimming with character and iconic touches, we can’t think of a better place to be while you’re threading your way along your favourite country lane.

Whether it’s the trademark open-gate gearchange, the traditional three-spoke steering wheel, the wide centre console filled with tactile buttons and dual-language warning lights, the array of instrumentation across the dashboard, or the supportive leather seats, this is all your classic Ferrari dreams made real.

The leather used in the cockpit is only gently patinated and no more, while the headlining, door cards, and carpets are all good. It’s a delightful place to be and you slip into it like you would don a favourite pair of running shoes.

The front seats are still comfortable and supportive, and the 2+2 layout makes it a useful proposition if you have children.

A replacement Kenwood headunit has been fitted, and there are no illuminated warning lights to worry about.

The front boot contains a matching spare alloy wheel and Michelin tyre, and while the rear boot might be small, it is very nicely presented.

Flaws? Well, the driver’s seat is a little soft and creased, especially on its outer edge but what wear there is is entirely in line with the car’s age, mileage and use. Just chalk it up to patina and never think of it again.


As you can see, it fires into life with good oil pressure. It also revs and ticks over as it should, and produces a wonderful noise. The seller tells us that it “drives exceptionally well” and that it was “singing” during its trip up here to Abingdon.

He also points out that it goes into second gear nicely, something that isn’t always the case with the Mondial, and it brakes four-square.

Of course, you’re going to want to refurbish the red crackle-finish in the engine bay but, that aside, the rest needs nothing more than a clean.

History Highlights

MoT’d until August 2023 with no advisories, that it achieved this shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s been doing the same for almost 17 years with only one failure ruining its record in that time…

The recent Vehicle History Check shows nothing of note and it comes with a host of old invoices and bills for maintenance over the years in addition to the book pack and wallet.

What We Think

While some might be a bit sniffy about the Mondial, we like its slightly quirky looks. Its rarity also means it draws as much of a crowd, if not more so, than some of its more obvious and gaudy siblings.

As Martin Buckley puts it: “In a world where modern Ferrari seem to be getting uglier and more offensive on a daily basis, the Mondial is looking better all the time.”

We agree and think this is a car whose time has come.

And they don’t come much nicer than this. Finished in a rare and very fashionable colour, we can’t help thinking this hue suits the Mondial much better than the Rosso Corsa you might have thought you wanted.

Not that its colour is the only thing in its favour because we’re struggling to find much to warn you against. It’s a solid example of a very popular model and would serve as a great introduction to the marque.

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  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 58780
  • Chassis Number: ZFFLD14C000054129
  • Engine: 2926
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Right-hand drive
  • Colour: Prugna
  • Interior: Cream
  • Estimated Price: £25,000 - £35,000
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