2005 FERRARI 612 Scaglietti

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2005 FERRARI 612 Scaglietti


The Ferrarri 612 Scaglietti, named after its designer Sergio Scaglietti, was introduced by the brand in 2004 and built for a total of 6 years with minor changes throughout production. It featured a 2+2 seat layout, thus competing with the likes of the Maserati 3200 and 4200 GT cars. The 612 was meant to replace the 456 that was slightly smaller in size and offered adequate seating space even for adults on the rear seats. It also featured better weight distribution with 85 percent of the weight being located inside the wheelbase, compared to only 70 percent for its predecessor. This development significantly improved handling and Car and Driver magazine found that no other Ferrari was able to combine comfort and easygoing personality the way the Scaglietti did.

The 612 featured a very particular design that made it stand out from previous Ferraris in the way that it featured large side scallops and headlights that paid homage to the 375MM chassis number 0456AM that Roberto Rossellini, the Roman film regisseur had commissioned as a coach built one-off for his then wife Ingrid Bergman.

The space frame of the 612 was used as the basis for the 599 GTB car series and the 612 was only the second all-aluminium car ever built by the Modenese brand, the first being the 360 Modena. Given the name, one could assume the car featured a 6-litre V12… we have to disappoint; Ferrari rounded up the 5.7-litre engine displacement figure, combined with the number of cylinders to come up with its name. We still think that you will have plenty of displacement to play around with. The Scaglietti was not only elegant and usable, it was also exceptionally fast, benefitting from its lightweight aluminium construction, it was able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmh in just 4 seconds, the speedometer topping out at 320 kmh.

As was usually the case, the Scaglietti was available as a manual with a 6-speed gearbox or an automatic 6-speed with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The automatic gearbox is not to be confused with the one used on the 360, which was much less refined. In fact, the gearbox was said to be on par with the Audi double clutch Direct Shift Gearbox, which was at the time the standard setter in automated manuals. As one would expect, the vast majority of the 3,205 production cars were equipped with an automatic gearbox. In fact, less than 200 cars left the production line with a manual gear lever.

The Vehicle

The example we are pleased to be offering is an early car from the 2004 production run. It was sold new to France via the Charles Pozzi dealership in Paris and has had five owners in total (two of which were professional dealers), the two last private owners being neighbours and living in the same street in France. The car is in excellent condition throughout and is presented in its original colour combination of Grigio Ferro over a light grey leather interior. The odometer reads 75.680 km at time of cataloguing.

On the Outside

The outside of the car is in excellent condition overall. The very elegant Grigio Ferro Metallizzato paint is in great condition and has a nice shiny surface. Minor stone chip damages are visible at the front, but most importantly there are absolutely no signs of rust. Some stone chips can also be seen on the black matte painted side sills, which we consider to be normal signs of use. If the new owner wishes so, these can be easily removed by a layer of paint by a professional. The front grille, shows some tarnish and the chromed prancing horse, proudly sitting in the middle of the grille, is slightly corroded. These are areas that would benefit from a detailing, but again, this is only a minor job that can however have a positive visual impact. All the other badges on the sides and on the trunk are still there and in as-new condition. The same must be said about the lights, that are in an excellent state of preservation and are neither damaged nor tarnished in any way. The wheels are free from any scratches and can only be described as immaculate. The rear tyres date from 2019, whereas the front tyres date from 2016. The exhaust tips show minor signs of corrosion, though their initial shine will be easy to bring out again with some cleaning and polishing.

Overall, the 612 presented here is in very good original condition without major damages and is as beautiful to look at as ever.

On the Inside

The inside of the Scaglietti is in equally good condition and it shows that the previous owners of this Ferrari took great care of their car. The light grey leather, a rather uncommon but stunningly elegant colour choice, is well preserved with no major damages or tears in the seating surfaces. The rear seat behind the driver is stained on the upper part, and the driver’s seat shows signs of wear on the left side from getting in and out of the car. The driver’s seat also appears to be slightly darker in colour that the rest of the leather and would benefit from a good clean-up. The dashboard and steering wheel present very well; unlike many other Ferraris from the 2000’s, the leather on the dashboard does not seem to have detached and is in good condition. The car comes with an Alpine CD radio that is most likely original to the car and a matching mobile phone that is mounted on the centre console. All the buttons are still there, and none appear to be broken, but they all suffer from the typical “melting”, a particularity of Italian cars from the era that make the buttons and other plastic surfaces sticky and rather unpleasant to look at or touch. Luckily, there are ways to fix this, and a good car interior detailer will be able to resurface these sticky buttons. The black carpets are very clean and still original to the car. To conclude, the aluminium door sill plates with Ferrari writing are completely free from scratches and in as new condition.


Given the relatively low mileage of the car (less than 76.000 kms) and the very good overall condition without visible rust, the underbody is as the rest showing a good presentation. It is also safe to assume that no bad surprises should be expected mechanically. Of course, it is a car that has almost 20 years, so servicing is an important aspect of Ferrari ownership. The last service was done recently and the current keeper informs us that the 612 is due for a timing belt replacement soon. Bidders should expect this to cost approximately 2.500€ at a specialist garage. The clutch has 38% left, meaning that the new keeper of the car should be aware that this is an item that will need replacing over the next few years too, depending on how often and where the car will be used. The seller has replaced the rear tires for the sale. The engine bay is clean and presented in tidy condition. There is not major rust on any of the screws or fixations and the rubber parts are not damaged. No non-original modifications are visible either.

History Highlights

The Ferrari on offer was sold new via Charles Pozzi to a gentleman from Paris in the year 2004 and always stayed in France where it has had a total of five different owners, the last one having acquired the car five years ago. It was regularly serviced at 26.415 kms, 42.125 kms and 66.023 kms with the Pozzi dealership, as confirmed by its original service manual. A recent service was done at Méca Passion in the North of France, a recognized Ferrari specialist.

The technical inspection reports show a discrepancy in the mileage between 2019 and 2021, but there is a letter written by the owner of the contrôle technique center in question displayed in the gallery stating that a mistake was made by the technician noting the wrong mileage in 2019.

What We Think

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti has always been a bit controversial for its design that made it stand out from the other Ferraris. We have always had a soft spot for these cars, and when you get the chance to get behind the wheel of one of these machines, you will quickly understand why. Very few Ferraris combine effortless elegance and performance as well as the 612: perfectly usable to bring your children to school, but a ferocious sports machine if you need to get from A to B quickly, very quickly. The 612 is gaining a following among enthusiasts but is still considered the understatement Ferrari for those in the know. The example on offer here ticks all the boxes and boast a rare colour combination, known history from new and is presented in excellent condition. The Scaglietti is the perfect model for first-time Ferrari buyers and established collectors alike.

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  • Location: Bernay, France
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 75100 Km
  • Chassis Number: ZFFAY54B000141295
  • Engine: 5748 cc
  • Gearbox: semi
  • Steering position: LHD
  • Colour: Grey
  • Interior: Grey Leather
  • Estimated Price: €62,000 - €75,000

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