2004 FERRARI 360 Modena F1

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2004 FERRARI 360 Modena F1


As hard acts to follow, the Ferrari 355 was about as tough as it gets! Achingly beautiful, the car undoubtedly not only transformed the company’s image but also their fortunes.

The company’s then line-up of Mondial, 348 and Testarossa was shall we say, a tad uninspiring. Sales of the 355 took off, with over 10,000 sold in five years.

Nothing lasts forever and Ferrari knew it couldn’t rest on it laurels, especially as bitter rivals Lamborghini were readying their Gallardo.

The Geneva Motor Show of 1999 therefore saw the unveiling of the 355’s successor, the 360. Designed by the renowned Pininfarina, out went sharp lines in favour of a smoother and more rounded look. The trademark pop-up headlights disappeared too, replaced by lights under perspex covers.

Ferrari also partnered with Alcoa who produced an entirely new all-aluminium space-frame chassis that was 40% stiffer than its predecessor. The weight saving was a not insignificant 28% despite a 10% increase in dimensions.

The engine, still a V8 of course, was also new and boasted plenty of power (395hp/294kW) and was capable of propelling the 360 from rest to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds. Top speed was somewhere north of 180mph, somewhat academic but interesting, nonetheless.

During a six-year production run, some 8,800 360s were produced, the vast majority of buyers choosing the F1 automated manual gearbox, with flappy paddles mounted on the steering column for the best snappy gearchanges.

The Vehicle

We are delighted to be offering for sale an exceptionally low mileage and well maintained 360 Modena F1. The car has formed part of our seller’s extensive private collection for the past nine years.

Used sparingly, mainly for excursions with the Ferrari Owners Club, this cherished car has been properly stored when not in use. It has not been raced, rallied, or mistreated during his ownership.

Only now offered for sale as our seller wishes to upgrade to a newer Ferrari, this is a rare opportunity to enter the rarefied world of classic Ferrari ownership.

An extensive service and the all-important belt changes were carried out last year, the car having covered less than 200 miles since.

It comes complete with the leather-bound book pack containing the service records, handbook etc.

We are told the car drives as one would expect with performance aplenty and a soundtrack to stir the soul.

On the Outside

The Rosso Red paintwork looks to be in fine order, the finish almost completely flawless. There’s a deep lustre to the finish, a sign of a car that has led a pampered life indoors when not in use and treated to the very finest polishes and waxes. Shut lines are suitably crisp as one would naturally expect.

The five spoke "modular" alloy wheels set the car off nicely and are in fine fettle. Premium Bridgestone tyres are fitted all round, all with plenty of tread. We like to see top quality tyres on cars with this much performance potential, showing as it does a caring and considered approach to ownership and maintenance.

On the Inside

Rossa/crema – a classic Ferrari combination and the best in our eyes.

The seats are extremely comfortable and supportive, especially important if you are getting a move on. The leather is in excellent condition and smells divine. It all adds to the heady experience of Ferrari ownership.

The red carpets are in fine fettle, door cards and headlining the same. It all points to careful ownership.

The dinky little gear-lever for the semi-automatic F1 gearbox might lack the romance of the gated manual but there’s no denying its diminutive size and metal construction imbue it with a charm of its own.

The leather steering wheel is a delight to hold, and the large paddles fitted behind allow the driver to exercise control over the gearbox should they be so in the mood.

Instrumentation is comprehensive, the dashboard sensibly laid out for ease of use.

The luggage compartment is nicely carpeted and should you need extra capacity, there is some space behind the front seats for a squashy bag or two. An ideal car to tour in perhaps?

The Ferrari toolkit is in place and holds an assortment of fuses, bulbs etc in addition to the more usual tools. The tan leather case that holds them all together is a delight.


The engine and engine bay are well presented and what a delight to behold. We do like the fact that the engine is on permanent display to all and sundry, allowing passers by to admire Ferrari’s fine engineering.

We are told the car drives exceptionally well and is without fault.

We always include a selection of pictures of a car’s undersides and that is the case here. Pause a while and take it all in. We would be tempted to give the area a good steam clean to remove the mild accumulation of dirt. We do notice some scratching to the plastic protective covers, no doubt from speed humps and the like.

History Highlights

The beautiful leather wallet is with the car, housing as it does the service book and all the instruction manuals.

The service book is well stamped confirming maintenance carried out by both main dealers and Ferrari specialists. There is a raft of accompanying paperwork which gives chapter and verse on what has been done to the car and when.

In April 2021, Kent High Performance Cars carried out an annual service. The mileage reading was 20,679. At the same time the all-important cam belts were changed. The invoice for £1,688.71 details the work.

Go back a little further and the same company did similar work in 2017, at mileage 19,602. Just 1,000 miles in those four years.

The MoT was carried out on 19th April, with two advisories noted for a windscreen washer and warped front discs.

There are old MoT certificates in amongst the paperwork, charting this lovely 360’s gentle life.

What We Think

This exceptionally low mileage 360 is an excellent gateway into Ferrari ownership and once behind the wheel it is hard not to fall under the car’s considerable charms. Powerful, refined and easy to drive, there is a palpable sense of occasion to be had every time you climb behind the wheel.

Surely every car enthusiast should own a Ferrari at some point in their life, so maybe now is the time and this is the car!

As a modern classic and most likely the first Ferrari to fully embrace technology to control things like the gearbox shift points, the engine power curve and even the ride, the 360 nicely balances the analogue nature we all love in our classic cars, with a level of dependability and safety that cannot be ignored.

Surely this is the classic car you could very easily use every day.

We estimate the car will sell for between £63,000 and £70,000.

Viewing is always encouraged and this car is located at our Abingdon headquarters; we are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and to arrange an appointment please use the ‘Contact Seller’ button at the top of the listing. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’

If needed, Footman James classic car insurance and Classic Concierge offer storage options plus we have a list of contacts who can help with transport and shipping.  

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  • Location: The Market HQ, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 20800
  • Engine: 3586
  • Gearbox: semi
  • Steering position: RHD
  • Colour: Red
  • Interior: Cream
  • Estimated Price: £63,000 - £70,000

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